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best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1

best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1

best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1 Finding the perfect gift for new parents can often be a challenge. Many times new parents have either already shopped for their babies, or they have other children and have many of the things they will need already in their homes.

best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1
best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1

One perfect gift option in this case is the gift of a handmade crochet baby blanket.

With the recent popularity resurgence in knitting and crocheting, there are limitless options available for yarns and fibers which you can quickly and easily crochet into an heirloom baby Blanket.

And, the best thing is that many of today’s yarns and fibers are dyed colors which lend themselves well to making a baby Blanket. With the soft pinks, light blues and mellow yellow yarns, you can be sure to match any nursery decorations the new parents may have done.

A handcrafted gift is one which can be passed down through generations and appreciated by everyone.

It shows the receiver that you spent a lot of time and effort to make just the right gift for them. And, because of the time you have invested in the gift, it will be one of the best received.

When you are going to make a Blanket for a baby, there are a few important things which you need to keep in consideration as you find your pattern and buy your supplies. A few of them are:

Pattern Selection – You should choose a pattern which is tightly woven if the Blanket will be used by a very young baby. Often designs with any open-work allow for the baby’s fingers or toes to get caught up in the Blanket and cause discomfort.

Best A Crochet Blanket – The Perfect Gift for Baby 1
Best A Crochet Blanket –The Perfect Gift for Baby 1

This is both a health and a safety risk.

Yarn Selection – When you are making an item for a baby you want to find a yarn or fiber which is both soft and machine washable. New parents are often too tired and over-extended to spend time hand washing items.

And, because babies can be very messy, it is essential that anything they come into contact with can be successfully washed.

Blanket Color – If you know the color scheme of the nursery, or even the sex of the baby, you can better match your Blanket colors to them. If not, use your imagination and create a wonderful unisex Blanket.

Blanket Size – When you are crocheting for a baby, your first inclination might be to make a very small Blanket. However, babies grow very quickly into toddlers. And, babies move around a lot and require decently sized Blankets to keep them covered up and warm.

Your Blanket will get much more use if you make it a bit larger than your first inclination.

No Beadwork – While beadwork is popular in today’s knitting and crocheting patterns, beads are never appropriate for a baby item. A baby can loosen them and they can become a choking hazard.

By keeping these simple considerations in mind, you can be well on your way to creating a keepsake baby Blanket which will be cherished for years to come.

best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1
best a crochet Blanket -the perfect gift for baby 1

As with any baby gift, you want to insure that your blanket is safe and secure for the baby who will be using it. However, by using your imagination and creativity you can come up with the perfect and safe design for the new bundle of joy.

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Cozy And Warm Baby Blankets

Expecting your first child? Or are you too concerned about your baby‘s health? You can wave away some of your blues by getting that right blanket for the apple of your eye and watch your little ones sleep comfortably.

Baby blankets are great gifts, whether you want to celebrate the arrival of a baby or a baby showering event. Baby blankets come in all shapes, sizes and designs.

Though newborns spend most of their time sleeping but you must remember that they are very active even in their sleep, rolling to one side then to the other.

So it is advisable to buy a blanket wide enough to cover their territory. Babies grow fast so you should also consider the length when buying. The length of your baby‘s blanket may not be enough for the next season.

Often blankets come with teddy bears and Mickey Mouse attached to them. They may look nice but not always the most comfortable ones.

best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1
best a crochet blanket-the perfect gift for baby 1

Blankets with Disney characters or your baby‘s favorite animation hero may be a good choice. You may also choose blankets that match the color of your baby‘s room.

Baby blankets come in a variety of materials – satin, fleece, wool. When buying keep in mind that the blankets should be plush, super soft, light and comfortable. Blankets should also be durable and last long.

Buy blankets that are easy to dry and do not lose shape, texture or color after repeated washes. You can also buy blankets with beautifully designed embroidery or appliqué work or with laces and trims. But care should be taken that these do not affect your baby‘s comfort.

You can buy blankets in various sizes depending on your need – for the bed, pram or car or blankets that can be used for all. Babies are as unpredictable as the Wimbledon weather.

It is important that you have sufficient numbers so that you can grab a new one when the dirty ones are sent to the laundry.

Personalizing baby blankets by getting your baby‘s name or date of birth embroidered on the blankets is also a great idea. For mothers who are more creative you can also sew the blankets on your own and add a personal touch.

Care should be taken that the edges of the blankets are tight and secure and no threads or trims have been set lose.

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Remember Your Child’s Birth with a Photo Throw Blanket

The joy surrounding the birth of a child is something that is so amazing that it is hard to put into words. Once the birth of a child occurs a parent’s life is forever changed.

From that moment on a parent will have to base every thought and decision around their child. The joy that is associated with child birth is something that many children do not realize until they become parents themselves.

If you wish to share the happiness and pride that you felt on the day your child was brought into the world you should consider purchasing a newborn photo throw blanket.

To forever treasure the birth of their children many parents develop scrapbooks or photo albums to pass on to their children. These items are great way to show a child what their life was like when they were younger and the joy that they brought you.

While scrapbooks and photo albums are nice, there is an accessory that will make a traditional scrapbook or photo album so much more. That item is a newborn photo throw blanket.

A newborn photo throw blanket is similar to a traditional photo throw blanket; however, it is often themed with the birth of a child.

There are many newborn photo throw blankets that only display the birth picture of a child; however, they can be personalized to include so much more.

A popular newborn photo throw blanket design is one that is similar to a birth announcement. There are many blankets that can include a baby’s birth photograph and a small birth announcement right alongside that photograph.

Using a real photograph is the most preferred way to create a customized newborn photo throw blanket; however, it is not the only way. In addition to using a real birth photo, it is also possible for a baby face drawing to be developed.

Many photo blanket designers can transform a color faded or blurry photograph into an amazing drawing. The drawing is often combined with other birth information such as the date of birth, size, and weight of a child.

A newborn photo throw blanket can be made right when your child is a baby or it can be made in time. As long as the photo is clean,

free of marks, and easy to see it is possible to turn an old or new birth photo into a beautiful newborn photo throw blanket.

Could you imagine the surprise on your child’s face when one day in the future they go to open that box of memories that you left for them.

A newborn photo throw blanket will not only allow your child to treasure their own birth, but it can be preserved and passed down through future generations. Imagine the legacy you created simply by ordering a newborn photo throw blanket.

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Baby Cribs – Safety Is Key

You have just learned that you are expecting a baby. Even if you have other children, you must take a look at cribs. Is the crib you already have an antique? You should look carefully at your second hand crib whether it is an antique or not.

The safety of your new baby makes this necessary. The screws and/or other fasteners such as bolts must be in place and not loose. It is of the utmost importance that this is tested before you place your baby in the crib.

Take something that is almost equal to your 4-month-old baby‘s weight. In order to be certain that it will hold its position bounce it off the mattress. If it doesn’t your baby could be hurt seriously or worse. When you set up your nursery, if it isn’t set-up already, seriously consider where you will place your crib.

If you have to place the crib near a window with Venetian blinds, you can either shorten the cords or anchor them to prevent your baby from reaching and getting hold of them.

Avoid, if possible placing the crib near the window. As your baby grows into a toddler and begins to climb out of the crib, s/he could become seriously injured in a fall.

Blankets are not necessarily a good idea to use with your baby. Be sure that you avoid anything that could put your baby at risk, especially in the light of SIDS incidents today. The most advisable way to put your baby to bed is in a blanket sleeper.

Make sure to tuck the blanket tightly around and under the foot of the mattress with you baby‘s feet touching the footboard if you must have a blanket on your baby.

You also want to help prevent your baby from sliding under the blanket and suffocating by not putting the blanket any higher than his chest.

There is a risk of your baby slipping between the mattress and the bumper pads causing suffocation, if bumper pads, which are a great concept, are not secured properly.

Bumper pads if used should be fastened in each of the four corners and evenly spaced on each of the two sides. There should be sixteen ties in all, eight for the top and eight for the bottom.

Although mobiles are nice additions you need to take a precaution to prevent your baby from getting entangled in it. It must be removed when

your baby starts sitting up by himself. You must also check to see if there are small parts that are removable that your baby could choke on.

No matter is your crib is second hand or one you had for a previous child, or you got it from someone else, the mattress must by checked out carefully. The mattress covering should be checked for any holes or cracks.

The mattress must fit in the crib properly. Your baby could slip between the mattress and side or end bars and suffocate if you are not careful.

The mattress should be snug in the crib. The sheets you use in your baby crib should fit properly and not slip and slide.

There are sheet hooks available that attach to the sheet under the mattress and keep it in place. Placing the mattress in the proper position is extremely important to your baby‘s safety.

When the baby comes home most parents put the mattress in the highest position because it is easier to reach the baby and change him.

Lower the mattress according to the growth and activity of your baby.

If your baby can come to a standing position in the crib the mattress should be put in the lowest position and to add to his safety you should measure the distance between the mattress and the top of the sidebar.

There should be no more than 26 inches from the top of the side bar to the mattress when it is in the lowest position. Moving your child to a regular bed might be a good idea if your child is climbing out of the crib or his head is above the side bar.

There are convertible cribs that become beds and grow with your child. Inspect your child’s crib to be sure there is nothing that will put your baby at risk.

The ornate designs carved into the end boards of cribs are beautiful but could pose a hazard to your child. Have you seen them?

Your child could be injured if his head, arm, or leg get caught in them and possibly sustain an injury. A simpler design may increase your child’s safety.

Safety guidelines from 1974 for cribs state that slats should be no more than 2 and 3/8th inches apart; to keep your baby from getting his head caught between the slats.

Your baby‘s safety could be compromised if getting stuck caused him injury and necessitating the removal of some slats.

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Swaddling Your Baby

Your baby was safely sheltered in the cozy cocoon of your womb for nine months before being transported into the big bad world. No wonder swaddling her makes her feel ‘at home’.

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket to make her feel safe and secure. Parents of colicky babies swear by swaddling. It also helps some babies to sleep more soundly.

The art of swaddling

Follow these simple steps to become a swaddling expert in no time.

Spread a blanket on a flat surface and fold down a corner a few inches. Place baby diagonally on her back so that her head rests just above the fold. Pull one corner of the blanket across her body to tuck it under her back.

Then hold the other corner and wrap your baby snugly, while tucking it in the rest of the blanket. Lastly, pull the lower corner

up to tuck it under baby‘s chin to complete a secure swaddle. Special swaddling blankets make this process simpler.
Take care not to leave any folds or lumps on the underside that may cause discomfort to baby.

If your baby is more comfortable with her hands free, you can wrap below her arms so that she retains some mobility.

How does swaddling help my baby?

Swaddling is thought to simulate the warmth and coziness of the womb to make your baby feel safe and secure. It provides the extra warmth that your baby might need, until his body temperature control mechanism starts functioning well.

Swaddled babies sleep well and are not awakened by their own startle reflex. A bundled baby is easier to carry as a compact package even while he is sleeping.

Most importantly swaddling can calm your fussy or colicky baby and can help him fall asleep.
Before you start swaddling…

Take care not to cover your baby‘s face, since that could suffocate her. Be sure the swaddle is snug but not too tight to squeeze her limbs and cut off circulation; leave some room for her to flex his legs.

Avoid swaddling in warm weather, to prevent overheating, a risk factor for SIDS.
Once you perfect the art of swaddling, your baby may soon look forward to be cuddled up in a swaddle.

Once your baby starts getting active, it is time to stop swaddling her. You get your cue when she starts kicking the swaddling blanket away. Some babies might enjoy being wrapped up for a much longer time.

There is no specific age limit for swaddling but 4-5 months seems to be the consensus. Beyond that age, babies usually kick off their blankets, which can then turn into suffocation hazards.

Some babies may never like to be swaddled though! Abandon the practice after a few trials if baby continues to be restless when swaddled.

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