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best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1 ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.’ This is a saying that many brides take to heart when considering their wedding trousseau.

best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1
best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1


From wedding gowns, accessories and motifs, brides from all walks of life throughout the years have tried their best to stick to this formula. It’s interesting to note that bridal jewelry can follow this adage, too.

‘Something old’ could most often be a piece of bridal jewelry that is a family heirloom. Sometimes the groom would give to his bride a ring or another piece of jewelry that had once been owned by his mother, grandmother, or past brides in his family.

Maybe the bride would wear her own mother’s antique jewelry or some other gem that has been handed down to brides in the family from generation to generation.

One thing is certain, wearing such bridal jewelry would reinforce a sense of family, tradition and continuity in a wedding ceremony.

‘Something new’ hardly needs any explanation. Thousands upon thousands of bridal jewelry stores, both the Internet e-commerce sites and bricks-and-mortar stores, offer a dazzling array of accessories to make the bride shine on her wedding day.

The would-be bride can choose from among various jewelry pieces one or several items that she would wear at the ceremony and which she could treasure and keep as a memento of that most special day.

At first thought, ‘something borrowed’ doesn’t seem applicable to bridal jewelry . After all, a bride would most probably want to wear her own jewels and not have to borrow and then return them.

But for women who want to add to the accessories that they will be wearing on their wedding day without having to spend thousands of dollars more to buy new ones, renting jewelry offers a practical solution.

Many establishments rent out antique or estate bridal jewelry , including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and only the rental fee plus a refundable deposit need to be paid.

Finally, for that ‘something blue’ in a bridal jewelry ensemble, there are several gemstones that fit the bill. Depending on the shade of blue that she wants, a bride can opt for a necklace, bracelet, or earrings that are accented with sapphires, aquamarines or blue pearls.

Hair ornaments or tiaras with other blue-tinted stones such as agate and topaz are also beautiful accessories for the bride.

The bride is the belle of the ball on her wedding day and it is important for her to look her best on that special occasion. Bridal jewelry , chosen tastefully and worn properly, will complement her wedding dress and make her look as radiant and as beautiful as any bride should be.

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Bridal Jewelry Sets – a great combination to pull your look together

best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1
best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Finding bridal jewelry to complete your look for the big day can sometimes be a difficult task. You may find that in your searching you see a pair of earrings you like and a necklace, but there is no bracelet.

Likewise, you may also find your bridal earrings and bridal necklace but together, the two pieces of jewelry do not match well. This is where the suggestion of pulling your jewelry accessory look together by purchasing an entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant.

When purchasing your entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant or bridal jewelry designer, you will have a more consistent and complete look. Your bridal jewelry will match together because it was designed to be together.

What makes bridal jewelry sets even more special is after your big day, many times just wearing your bridal earrings or bridal necklace out for a nice dinner or dancing can bring back all of the special moments and memories that you made on the most important day of your life.

In addition, you will save time and energy by purchasing a bridal jewelry set all at once. There will be no more hunting for the perfect pair of bridal earrings that will match the bridal necklace or bridal bracelet that you have already purchased.

Yet another “bonus” to purchasing one bridal jewelry set is you will pay one shipping fee versus paying two to three different shipping fees by ordering your bridal jewelry pieces from various bridal websites and bridal jewelers.

Many times you will find that by purchasing your bridal jewelry in a set, you will receive a discounted rate.

To conclude, when purchasing your bridal jewelry sets, keep in mind the overall look and feel you want to have for your special day, this will be reflected in what you wear, as you are the bride and the center of attention for the day.

By purchasing a bridal jewelry set, your look will be congruent and gorgeously pieced together. Sit back and take in your day and all of the wonderful compliments it will bring.

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bridal jewelry for the radiant bride

best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1
best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Finding the perfect dress you have always dreamed about is one of the most fun and important tasks a bride will endeavor. Finding the perfect bridal jewelry  for the bride to accessorize with that dress is also fun and essential to completing your look.

So now you have the dress, let’s choose your bridal jewelry . When it comes to selecting your bridal jewelry , keep in mind a few items. The first is the style of wedding you will be hosting.

Will you be requiring black ties and evening gowns, sandals, exotic flowers and romantic nuptials on the beach? Or a simple no fuss back yard picnic wedding? What ever style of wedding you are hosting can help you determine what style of bridal jewelry you will wear.

The second item to consider when thinking about your bridal jewelry is the theme or colors you will be including in your ceremony and reception.

If you are having, for instance a beach wedding or a beach themed wedding, you may want to check out several different bridal jewelry accessory options.

Of course with a beach themed wedding, sea shells and white pearls or mother of pearls are a common and practical bridal jewelry choice for your wedding look.

Not only will this style and type of bridal jewelry match your theme and occasion, you will be radiantly satisfied with your bridal jewelry accessory selection.

You won’t need to ask your bridesmaids, mom or closest friends if that selection of bridal jewelry matches – it is the theme and occasion! You will feel confident and as a result beautiful!

Another idea to help in your selection of the bridal jewelry you will wear is the season or month you decide to get married in.

While glancing at all the seasons, there are some very practical and obvious choices for the selection of your bridal jewelry . Here are some ideas broken down by seasons below.

Winter Bridal jewelry Selections – The winter months bring on the beauty of white and shimmering snow flakes. There are many options for bridal jewelry that fit the snow flake theme.

If snow flakes really are not your idea of the perfect bridal jewelry , try visualizing clear swarovski crystals that sparkle and shine in the light.

Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry is becoming more popular with celebrities and brides alike. If swarovski crystals are too much for the bridal look you desire – try simple white or ivory pearls.

Nothing says traditional bride better than beautiful pearls. Pearls are a great selection for your bridal jewelry accessories, as there are so many options. From a simple strand of pearls, to a glamed out pearl choker – your options are limitless.

Spring Bridal jewelry Selections – Spring time is such a beautiful and “new” time of year. The trees begin to grow leaves, the grass grows, tulips come up – you get the idea. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Take inspiration from the newness of the spring months when selecting your bridal jewelry . Don’t be afraid to select bright, bold and radiant colors.

Traditionally brides wear white, but tradition is not a rule or style you must follow. If you love bright green and you want that to show it in your bridal jewelry accessories – then wear the bright green. This is your day – your way! Your bridal jewelry selection can reflect that style as well.

The flowers you carry down the isle, your bridesmaids’ bouquets or the flowers you choose to decorate with can also be used to help you decide on your bridal jewelry . best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

If roses are right up your alley – then rose flowered jewelry may be the perfect bridal jewelry accessory for you. Don’t stop with roses, consider all of your flower options, daisies, gardenias, calla lilies, just to name a few. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Summer Bridal jewelry Selections – Summer is a fantastic and the most popular time of year to get married. Use the beauty and warmth of the summer months to help you decide upon your bridal jewelry . best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Again, the flowers you choose to carry or decorate with can be a great consideration. Summer time also brings out the kid in all of us – vacations at the lake, best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

picnics in the park, fireworks, you get the idea! If summer is that time of year that brings magic, mystery and fun, consider these factors when selecting your bridal jewelry . best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Many summer planned weddings are becoming more often fun and casual events – your bridal jewelry can reflect that as well. This would be a great opportunity to select some fun and trendy bridal jewelry to complete your wedding day look. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Summer weddings many times have bright to soft pastel colors. The options for pearls and crystals are growing in colors and shapes. It is easy to find and coordinate your bridal jewelry colors with the pearl, best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

crystal and stone color options available. Glass pearls and swarovski crystals are coming up and out with so many new colors – you can accessorize with any color imaginable. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Fall Bridal Jewelry Selections – The autumn months bring on a wonderfully beautiful array of colors – new to that season in particular. If you are planning a wedding in the fall or autumn months, there are some very beautiful bridal jewelry options.

Nature is always a great place to begin looking for bridal jewelry ideas and the fall season is not one to let you down. Whether you are a “nature bug” or not, you cannot deny the gorgeous beauty of fall. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

If you’re planning a fall wedding and would like to add some color to you accessories this is the time to do it. The beautiful golds, browns, reds and yellows are just perfect applications for your bridal jewelry. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Whether you choose your bridal jewelry by the theme of your wedding, the formality, the colors or the season, you will wed – your ideas for inspiration are limitless. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Keep in mind some of the ideas illustrated in this article and you will be well on your way to beautiful, radiant bridal jewelry. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

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Bridal Jewelry – The Icing On The Cake

You have your dress, you’ve got your shoes, your hair style picked out; but you still need to “finish your look” for the big day. That is where your bridal jewelry comes in. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

It used to be that pearls, which are wonderful for weddings and brides, were the only jewelry that brides wore. Now with the internet and the growing bridal jewelry businesses out there, your choices have become limitless. v

Are you looking for some sparkle, or something simple and elegant? Search the internet for bridal jewelry and you will find a wide variety of resources out there to suit your specific needs. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Boring bridal jewelry is a thing of the past. All brides want to feel and look beautiful on their wedding day, and not just look like every other bride they’ve seen before. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

This is where your bridal jewelry will make the difference. Find pieces of jewelry that “speak to you”, that fit your color or theme for the special day. In many cases, bridal jewelry makers will create a custom piece for you that is special and unique. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

When choosing your bridal jewelry, look for some parallel between your wedding gown or style of shoes and other accessories. This will help you pull your look together when making your selection.

Many times, you will be able to find on various bridal jewelry websites, tiaras, headbands, hairpins and combs that will pair up or match bridal necklaces, bridal earrings and bridal bracelets. Consistency and a common look and feel through out your bridal accessories is key to not looking “patched” together.

This is your day, make the best of it, feel beautiful and find the bridal jewelry that is right for you. Feeling comfortable with how you look is all part of feeling beautiful.

If you want to be a unique bride that looks gorgeous on your wedding day, search for the bridal jewelry that will compliment your attire. You will be beautiful, your bridal jewelry will enhance that.

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Bridal Jewelry – Don’t just wear it for the wedding

Selecting the most beautiful bridal jewelry to match your dream wedding gown is so important to finishing off your bridal look. Most brides wear their bridal jewelry for the wedding day only and then store it in a jewelry box or chest, never to be worn again.

Wearing your bridal jewelry after the wedding can bring back all of the warm memories you shared with your groom on that special day. The best part of owning your bridal jewelry is that it can be worn again, cherishing that day each and every time it is worn. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

A great time to “dig out” the bridal jewelry you wore for your wedding is on your anniversaries. Most couples dress up and do something special together each year to mark their wedding anniversary. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Why not accessorize your formal attire with the bridal jewelry you wore on your wedding day. Most brides choose white, ivory, clear pearls or crystals. These are great for the wedding,

because traditionally a bride wears a white or ivory color and these colors of pearls and crystals match the wedding gown perfectly. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

It happens that your crystals can be worn with any dressed up outfit, as clear crystals match everything you can wear. White or ivory pearls and crystals are just as easily matched, they look great with every color. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Surprise your groom on your next or first anniversary by wearing the bridal jewelry that you wore for your wedding day. Men don’t notice much, but the bridal jewelry that was worn for your wedding day will bring back special and treasured memories for him as well. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

When you spent your allotted budget on your bridal jewelry , it didn’t mean that you had to put it away after the wedding. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Wearing your bridal jewelry over and over is a great idea to make your moments together a little bit more special. Make the most of your bridal jewelry, go out and celebrate your love, wear your beautiful bridal jewelry. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Bridal Jewelry – The final touches that count

There are so many important and special touches that you have decided upon to make your wedding day a romantic and memorable occasion. When it comes to your bridal jewelry , you feel the same way.

Selecting the bridal jewelry that will give you the added sparkle and glamour to finish your look off is as important as the selection of the wedding dress. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Nothing says “bride” like beautiful, sparkly bridal jewelry . Whether you love pearls or have to have swarovski crystals, your bridal jewelry should be your spectacular finishing touch. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

When selecting your bridal jewelry, keep in mind the style of wedding you are having. Are you a traditional bride and think pearls are perfect, or does your taste run for the unique and classic style? Whatever your tastes, choose bridal jewelry that compliments your wedding gown.

Lariats and drop necklaces look lovely draped around any bride with an open backed dress or a plunging neckline. Chokers are great for halter wedding gowns, a parallel in design. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

When choosing what type of gemstones or precious stones you will wear, consider your wedding gown again. Is your wedding gown covered in pearls or crystals? Stick with that theme, your bridal jewelry will compliment your entire look.

In addition to looking great on your wedding day, wearing your bridal jewelry again for more special occasions will remind you of how wonderful your wedding day was. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Not to mention, how gorgeous you looked. Cherish the jewelry you wear on your wedding day, it can be a constant reminder of your love together and the wonderful commitment you made together. best bridal jewelry-fulfilling a wedding tradition 1

Bridal jewelry is such a key component when it comes to your wedding look. Beautiful jewelry , especially timeless jewelry is a great addition to your jewelry accessories, as you can wear it time and time again, looking great.

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