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Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1 These minimize the impact on the environment and by taking actions such as recycling you can set a good precedent for the future generation.

Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1
Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

You can now buy most things in a ‘green’ version for babies including organic baby clothes.

There is an increasing movement to return to the old days and use cloth nappies instead of the disposable ones which add to the land fills. Imagine how many of these nappies you can get through in the first years of the babies live?

Hundreds if not thousands! Many of these cloth nappy companies are stating ease of use, financial benefits, less rubbish and the comfort of natural cloth over paper and gel against delicate skin as some of the many reasons for making this change.

See the Guide Me Green for companies that offer cloth nappies and other eco products for babies and the home.

I want to enable parents to choose and use products which will benefit baby and his or her family now and protect his / her future environment. Guide

Me Green is essentially a result of my own search for natural and eco-friendly products for my family and offers a service that makes it far easier for other parents to find the right products for them.

I often receive requests from teenagers asking for ethical clothing shops and other products of interest them. If teenagers are interested, Guide Me Green must be doing something right!

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A tender care is loving care – Baby skin care products

Best Eco Friendly Baby - Family Products 1
Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

We all love our newborns, and as much as we want to give them the proper attention, we often exaggerate on the type of caring we give.

Especially for a first born, parents tend to over-buy for their little one in almost all aspects including baby skin care, and unwittingly, irritating the softest skins in the world.

Bottom line in choosing baby skin care products is to opt for brands that are bland and fragrance-free. The principle “less is more” in skin care definitely applies to caring for baby‘s vulnerable skin.

Some baby skin care products seem to give you skin care ideas that might well be unnecessary. The point is to cleanse baby‘s skin mildly and let natural oils of the skin do the moisturizing (hey, that’s what they are for).

Preservatives, dyes, and talc (on the contrary) are not recommended for babies.

A&D has ointments for diaper rash containing these ingredients: petrolatum as base, lanolin, cod liver oil, fragrance, mineral oil, and wax.

Aveeno’s baby skin care products claim to be fragrance-free and free of agents used in detergent cleansers making them gentle enough for baby‘s skin.

In addition to these baby skin-care productsBaby Magic Baby Care claims to have none of the odor or fragrance among its ingredients. Their lines of products are baby baths and baby lotions at very low prices.

Balmex is a diaper rash ointment that uses balsam as its main ingredient, which can possibly irritate baby‘s skin.

All baby skin care products manufactured by Bobbi Brown Baby Essentials contain a distinct fragrance but you’ll find out by reading the ingredients list of their products.

The buttermilk soap of Burt’s Bees baby products is reviewed as having harsh ingredients that tend to dry baby‘s skin. Also, although buttermilk contains skin nourishments, surely your baby‘s formula already suffices. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Dr. Smith’s diaper ointment does not contain fragrance and is made mostly of zinc oxide, Vaseline, lanolin, mineral oil, wax, plant oil, and preservative. Meanwhile, it’s better to settle to the fragrance-free version of Huggies baby wipes. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Recommended Johnson and Johnson baby skin care products are the ones without fragrance and less of the detergent cleansing agent like moisturizing baby bath with aloe vera and vitamin E.

Kiehl’s line of baby skin care products that have lesser or none of the irritating ingredients are: baby body lotion and nourishing soothing diaper area ointment. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Mustela, Neutrogena (baby care only), and Origins baby care moreover has a line of baby skin care products you might want to try. Just be careful to read the back labels and remember: less is more in baby‘s skin. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

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Baby Coupons

Every year we spend thousands of dollars on baby foodbaby formula, diapers, baby utensils baby cloths, medicines, toys and other baby products. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

It has become a costly affaire for baby boomers to bring-up babies. Coupons can help such people in controlling these expenditures to some extent. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

People who choose particular brands only for their baby can also benefit as major manufacturers and retailers of baby products offer significant offers on many of their baby products through coupons. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

There are many sources to find baby coupons. Sunday grocery coupon circulars often has discount coupons for baby items such as diapers, baby dishes, baby food and other baby requirements.

Local baby product vendors and sales representatives often keep baby coupons and samples at pediatrician’s office.

You can ask baby product manufactures and retailers for some coupons and samples using toll free number or their website. They will readily oblige you and send them immediately.

But, you may need to pass some positive comments about their products and some times they may ask some personal information about you and your baby.

Many grocery stores create special baby clubs, join one of them.

They will provide plenty of baby coupons and even a rebate on your gross purchase on baby items. Watch the newspapers especially on Sundays; they may carry some circulars from your local drug store announcing baby coupons for diaper.

Generic brands may be cheaper than the branded one, although the quality may differ slightly. The other major source for baby coupons is manufacturers’ websites.

You can find plenty of baby coupons for variety of baby products along with free samples. Online printable baby coupons can save you a significant amount of dollars on buying items like baby formula, baby furniture, toys and kid’s clothes and diapers.

Some websites not only offer free printable baby coupons, but also a free comparison shopping search engine that lets you compare prices and features on products you want for your baby. Few other sites deliver only the coupons that you have requested for your baby. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

This involves downloading a small piece of their free software from their website; but afterwards you don’t have to visit their again. The software installed on your computer will be on the lookout for new and useful baby coupons and delivery them them directly to your desktop.

There are other websites which enable you to register with them and send you free baby coupons and other free stuff periodically. There may be some nominal sign-up fee, but it is worth paying considering the benefits they offers. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

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Choosing The Right Baby Care Products

Right parenting always involves doing everything that is right for the child. It involves the right nurturing and even choosing the right baby products. Best E co Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

It is not uncommon for parents to be obsessed on researching which products are the best for the baby. Of course, every parent only wants to give what is best and the best that money can buy. Best  Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Yet not all that glitter is gold. There are products that may be expensive but are not actually best for the child. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Most baby products are positioned as safe for the child. While this is the predominant thought, some safety agencies and groups think otherwise. There are certain baby care products that contain toxic chemicals and could pose long-term serious health problems in the future.

Therefore it is wise to read the labels and to be careful in choosing baby products regardless of how much it cost and how beautiful it may be.
When you are in the market for some baby shampoo it is best to avoid those with sodium lauryl sulfates.

Wait, what? Okay, this is the chemical that creates suds or foam when you apply some shampoo. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

It is great for showmanship but it is a potential health hazard. It is known to cause some irritation especially in really delicate baby skin and even cause rashes and other skin irritation on the baby’s scalp. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

The chemical may also find its way to the delicate infant’s eyes which is never good news in any language.

The irritation may interfere with the delicate growth of cells in the eyes of the child that may impact vision in the future.

It is best to choose bio-degradable diapers. For one, bio-degradable diapers are going to rot even if you throw it on a landfill. Unlike non bio-degradable diapers, which may pose environmental hazards, bio-degradable diapers also help in keeping the baby’s bottom drier.

These bio-degradable diapers are able to absorb the wetness better which keeps the baby less wet longer which equals to longer peace of mind for the parent.

Take a look at feeding bottles and see if they are made from plastics that have harmful chemicals. If you are forced to use feeding bottles make sure that you read up on the chemicals that can be released when the bottle is subjected to heat.

One of the ways to sterilize the bottles is to immerse it into a boiling cauldron of water. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

The heat may cause the chemicals in the bottles which could bring ill health to the baby. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1
Choose organic as possible when shopping for baby products. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

This will avoid the baby coming into contact with harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other cancer-causing products. The fragrances that are added in some baby lotions and preparations cause allergic reactions. A quick online research of the best organic baby products should do the trick.

A lot of parents are using cornstarch to avoid yeast-related diaper rashes. It will just make the problem worse.

The cornstarch encourages yeast production and will make the problem worse that it is. It is best to ask your pediatrician on the best products that can help rashes so you will be assured that the baby will get the right treatment for the pesky rash.

Most baby products are designed to encourage the parents. But a discerning parent knows all too well that there is more than meets the eye. Investing on your baby is crucial in giving them the best life he/she deserves. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Baby city: Baby clothes and baby gifts online

Baby city is a leading provider of baby clothing, baby gifts and nursery products on-line. We aim to offer you the best products at the best prices, all combined with a service, which is second to none. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

We stock a variety of products to cater for any new baby’s needs from tiny clothing for those first precious days, to nursery equipment and travel equipment.

In fact we promise that if you can’t find it on-line at baby city, we will try and find it for you, saving you the time and hassle.

We have brought together a wealth of products from high street brand names including Avent, Tommee Tippee, Baby Bjorn, Tiny Love, Tiny Dee, Baby Dee and Doodle Dee, so you can rest assured they will be of the highest quality and style.

Amongst the products we sell are baby bodysuits, baby sleep suits, baby gifts, fashion ranges, feeding equipment, weaning equipment, baby carriers and baby toys and mobiles. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

In fact everything you need for your baby‘s early years. Click here to visit our store directory where all categories are clearly laid out.

Because we buy in bulk we can keep our prices low and pass the benefit on to you. In addition, customers who join the baby club can gain benefit from an extra discount on any purchase. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

It’s free to join and members will receive regular information about special offers, promotions and discounts. With a no quibble returns policy and a helpful customer service department; it is an ideal place to shop without the hassle of the high street.

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Tips in Buying Baby Products

Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Every mom, when shopping for baby products, probably feel like they’re Alice in Wonderland.

The market today is flooded with all kinds of products to cater to the increasing demand for them. From the most basic and essential products like diapers and feeding bottles,

to the new and innovative ones that may not be labeled as necessary for child care but are a plus for your baby‘s development – and makes life a tad easier for mothers.

When it used to be just selected items for babies, you are now served with a plethora of products which make shopping for your baby‘s needs confusing.

So as not to end up missing out on the essentials, go overboard with the unnecessary, or end up with no-good baby products, parents must shop armed with knowledge and understanding of what’s truly good for their baby. This articles aims to help you in that endeavor.

Tips to Keep in Mind

* Don’t disregard quality. The first thing any mom should keep in mind when purchasing baby products is to check its quality. The market is laden with the good and the bad stuff – bad as in crappy in quality

– you must be careful on ending up with the latter. Because the demand is increasing, supplies is as well and with that, the number of the not so quality products also increases.

Especially when it comes to baby foods and drinks, mind the nutritional value of the products since it’s extremely important for the baby‘s growth.

* Consult your pediatrician. This is a wise advice since pediatricians are professionals and taking care of a baby’s wellness is their field. Chances are your pediatrician already has specific products and trusted brands he or she can recommend to you.

So don’t hesitate to seek out his or her advice.

* Comfort and convenience. It all goes back to the baby. Shop for your baby‘s convenience without hurting your pocket. There are quality, comfortable products that don’t hurt the pockets either – especially for parents who are a bit tight on the budget.

When it comes to the baby‘s clothes, choose cotton as it’s more comfortable for the baby without any risk of causing any skin rashes and allergies.

* Mind the size. Don’t get fitting clothes for your baby as they do grow up fast. Purchase clothes extra sizes larger so you can still use them for a longer time as opposed to constantly shopping for new ones every time your baby grows.

* Buy soft toys. Your baby will need to have toys, and parents will always buy them – that’s a fact. Toys can help in your baby‘s development – a lot actually, which I’ll touch on later in the article.

When shopping for baby toys, purchase soft ones which will not be harmful to your baby. Besides, babies have this habit of putting anything and everything in their mouth and hard toys might hurt their gums.

When shopping for baby products, both the quality and quantity play a significant role. If you still don’t have an idea of what basic baby products you’ll need, here’s a short rundown of them.

Checklist of Baby Products

1. Clothing – Must include one-piece outfits and pajamas (or onesies), sock and booties, sweater/jacket and bonnet or cap for seasonal apparel, mittens, bibs, and muslin cloth. The cloth can be used as a burp cloth or a swaddle blanket.

2. Feeding – Whether you’re breastfeeding or not (though a lot of studies and professionals can attest to the benefits breastfeeding has on child care and development), you need to have these – breastpump and breastmilk storage bags, bottles and nipples. An optional product is a sterilizer.

3. Diapering – For the first few months, you’re baby‘s routine will mostly be comprised of eating, sleeping and pooping. Make sure to get a lot of diapers – disposable ones or cloth,

it’s up to you. Also a must are baby wipes, washcloth, diaper ointment, pure cornstarch powder, sealable trash can for soiled diapers. An optional is a diaper box to store all unused diapers – for organization and sterileness.

4. Furniture – Crib though this is optional for the first few months, crib mattress, newborn tub for bathing, changing mat or table, car seat and stroller. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

This is just a list of the basic baby products you’ll need. There are a lot of brands to choose from for every item so weight carefully your choice. These are the basics, yes, Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

but the market still has a lot to offer that may not be labeled necessary, but can still be essential for the baby‘s development, or just to make child rearing easier.

Role of Toys

More than just for decoration, to keep your baby occupied or them being a staple when it comes to child rearing, toys as a matter of fact play an essential role in the baby‘s educational development.

There are studies that show toys can stimulate the growth and development of the baby‘s brain. In essence, the toys can be models that challenge a baby‘s Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

intuitive physical and mental abilities, articulation and speech development are improved by simulating the sound the toys make in real life.

Take a stuffed toy for example that makes a sound when squished. Babies react to the sound – mirth, joy then leaps to recognition and finally to a semblance of imitation. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Some parents have this preconceived notion that toys come next to books. Rather than let their toddlers play, they buy them books in the hopes that they’d develop their brain faster. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Ultimately though, parents end up stimulating only the right side of the child’s brain.
Toys are best for children below five years of age.

It is at this stage that they fully develop the connection between their limbs and their senses. Toys can stimulate the creative side of the child’s brain by stimulating their imagination. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Toys can be a tool to prepare them for competitive situations in life. At such a young age, they are able to perceive things that have impact on them.

The funny toy makes them laugh, the red ball is boring, and the squishy thing can provoke a certain sound from them. Playing with toys can teach them the virtue of purpose and order by being the only one engaged in the activity. Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Certain wooden toys, electronic ones (though fairly expensive), toys that produce soothing music – all these have their own corresponding role to play in your child’s growth and development.

Point remains that more than just for fun and diversion, toys are essential baby products Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1Best Eco Friendly Baby-Family Products 1

Shopping for your baby can be too exciting. Enjoy it but just don’t lose track on what’s essential for your baby.


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