Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1 Most men would prefer leather shoes than other types of shoesMen’s leather shoes are very much still the popular choice in the work force.

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Although synthetic materials are slowly gaining on the men‘s shoes industry, still it can not compete with the durability and protection that is a natural component leather shoes.

Leather is the material that is created by tanning of pelts, skins and hides of animals.

There are various forms of leather that is used in making men‘s leather shoes. The vegetable-tanned men‘s leather shoes are shoes that are tanned by the use of “tannin”, tree bark, vegetable matter or other such foundation.

Vegetable-tanned men‘s leather shoes are usually discolors when wet. It becomes less flexible and becomes harder when it dries. It will also shrink. Suede men‘s leather shoes have a soft, thin and pliable texture which makes it ideal men’s leather shoes.

Most men would spend a lot for just a pair of men‘s leather shoes and don’t know how to take care of their leather shoes. Taking care of your leather shoes does not just make your shoes look good but it will also preserve and add life to it.

Putting a coat of shoe polish on your leather shoes is not enough. If you really want to protect your leather shoes from falling apart and cracks you must clean, condition, polish and weatherproof it.

If you don’t have time or are having doubts in your ability to work on your leather shoes, shoe repair shops are always there to clean, polish and condition you leather shoes.

But if you are the do-it-yourself kind of guy, there are lots of leather shoe care products at general stores, shoe repair shops and of course the shoe store.

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1
Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

In cleaning smooth men‘s leather shoes, first remove all the dirt and grime with leather cleaner. Some leather cleaner are in gels, foams and spray.

Let your leather shoe for a few minutes before applying a shoe polish. Shoe polish help protect, moisturize and soften the leather. Apply a small amount of shoe polish into the leather shoes until the entire surface is covered with it.

Let the shoe polish be absorbed into the leather before wiping of the leather shoes.

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One traditional way of polishing your shoes is by using the insides of a banana peel (never on suede or nubuck leather). Then rub it off with a soft cloth. Olive oil and walnuts oil is also good for smoothing leather shoes.

Rub a small amount into the leather shoe and then polish with soft cloth. Weatherproofing also helps in protecting your leather shoes from water and other harsh elements that can damage the leather of your shoes. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

The next time you buy men‘s leather shoes; always remember to condition them before using. It will help prolong the life of your leather shoes.

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Men’s Alligator Shoes

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1
Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Taken from the name itself, men‘s alligator shoes are shoes that are made of alligator hides. Hides are skins taken from animals for human use. Alligator skins make good leather on men‘s shoe because of its durability.

Men‘s alligator shoes are difficult to obtain because it is quite in demand in the footwear category. To make it even harder, alligators were considered by the Fish and Wildlife Service in the United States as endangered species.

However, due to careful controls, men‘s alligator shoes are now back on the rack because the alligator population is now off the list of endangered species (with continued watch and control of course). Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

As we all know alligators have existed in this planet about 20 million years now. Alligators, very much like the crocodiles, are related to the dinosaurs. Hence the saw-like teeth and those rough skins. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Alligator hides make a wonderful leather shoes because of its rigidness and durability. Alligator hides do not just make wonderful men‘s alligator shoes; they also make great belts, belt straps, braces and wallets. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Of the few manufacturers of men‘s alligator shoes here are the most recommended men‘s alligator shoes manufacturer and some online retailer of men‘s alligator shoes: Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

David Eden

David Eden is an exotic skin shoe manufacturing company that has a wide variety of men‘s alligator shoes , as well as crocodile, lizard, ostrich and other animal skin combination. Their selection of men‘s alligator shoes ranges from conservative colors to high fashion styles.

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Mezlan offers the finest quality shoes from Spain. Their men‘s alligator shoes are made for comfort and style. Features top craftsmanship in high quality men‘s alligator shoes. Has a wide array of styles and size for any occasion.
Fa Cri
Features handmade men‘s alligator shoes made from Italian shoe factories.

Alligator World (
Alligator World is dedicated in making fine quality alligator shoes . Has a large selection of products and brands.
International Manufacturing Group Int.

International Manufacturing Group Int. is a company that is just starting to make its name known in the exotic shoe industry. It has very low price on its products. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Regent Shoes (
Regent Shoes is known for its large selection of top fashion designer in footwear all over the globe. Regent shoes offers high quality footwear with the latest in style and fashion. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Also has a wide array of colors and exotic materials at a wide range of prices. Regent Shoe’s bread and butter are their exotic skin shoe department. Regent Shoes has various skin combinations, style, colors and sizes. They also have an assortment of wide-width footwear.

Alligator shoes are quite expensive but owning even just a pair is like owning a very limited treasure of nature. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

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Men’s Wingtip Shoes

Most of us men know what men‘s wing tip shoes are. Wingtip shoes are footwear that has a pointed decorative toebox (toebox is the leather covering the toe of the shoe), extending towards the throat of the shoes.

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1
Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Choosing the right men‘s wingtip shoes is another story.

In buying the right pair of men‘s wingtip shoes , you must consider the style, price, color and most of all the comfort. These are the four factors in buying a good pair of men’s wingtip shoes (this also applies to all types of shoes ).

Among the four factors, style is the most considered factor. Some would forgo comfort for the sake fashionable of styles. Remember, you must consider “all four” factors. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Men‘s wingtip shoes that are too short, too narrow or too large (poorly fitted) is the major cause of calluses, blisters, soreness, uneasiness and yes, even permanent deformality. The hide of the shoe must have a smooth and fine grain. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

The soles must be durable to last a long time and yet comfortable enough so that your feet will not get easily tire. Don’t just settle for a fashionable style,

it is better if you choose men‘s wingtip shoes that are good for your feet. Buying branded men‘s wingtip shoes is not altogether a bad idea. Some cheap wingtip shoes don’t last a long time. Branded brands usually protect your feet for a long time. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Make an additional effort to look wingtip shoes that doesn’t only give you comfort and good to your feet, but also looks good. Try to pick a wingtip shoe that will match your attire. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

The main idea is to have in buying a pair of men‘s wingtip shoe is that the price should suit the budget, comfortable and at the same time looks good on you.

Try shopping on the internet for a more convenient way of buying men‘s wingtip shoes. There are lots of shoe retail shops on the internet. If you don’t know where to shop online, just use your favorite search engine.

Key in “men‘s wingtip shoes” and then click the “search” button and then “presto!” You will be given the information of a number of online shoe retail shops that has men‘s wingtip shoes up for grabs. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

eBay ( is the most recommended search engine to use. However their products can only be obtain or purchased through bidding and most of their products are used. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

You can also try Google ( a list of top sites that sell wingtip shoes. If you want a more refined search, use ( Best Mens Leather Shoes 1 has a large selection of men‘s wingtip shoes. Best of all, all of their products come directly from the top shoe manufacturers. So what are you waiting for, plug in your pc and do some online shopping. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

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Men’s Walking Shoes

The most important item in men‘s walking gear is the shoes. Take time in choosing the right men‘s walking shoes for you. The right men‘s walking shoe is the shoe that fits you best. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

A perfect pair of men‘s walking shoes must have the proper support, cushion, flexibility and must also balance any stride problems or pronation problems that you may have.

It’s not just buying the most popular or cheapest or the most expensive men‘s walking shoes; also remember that running shoes also have the best features for walking. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Although most of men‘s walking shoes are generally designed for performance, some men‘s walking shoes are designed for market appeal only. Almost all long distance walkers use hiking shoes. On the other hand, hiking shoes do not have motion control features. Hiking shoes are stiff and heavy.

Hiking shoes are for trails not streets.

There are lots of categories in men‘s walking shoes. Lightweight performance trainers are excellent all-around walking shoes for individuals who do not have any motion control problems or pronation problems. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

If you are a long distance walker choose a walking shoe that is well cushioned for a comfortable walk. For middle weight individuals who do not have severe pronation problems use stability shoes. For individual who have motion control problems and have a heavy weight, it is advisable that they use overpronators.


Overpronators helps prevent injury and correct their motion control problems. Overpronators are rigid and inflexible kind of men‘s walking shoes. Overpronators are heavy, Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

durable and have a dual density midsole with a denser material inside of the shoe to correct motion control problems. Overpronators are great for individuals who are flat footed. The only set back of overpronators is that it has a thick heel.

Stability shoes

Stability shoes are more flexible than overpronators. Stability shoes provide good support and are durable. Most stability shoes have a semi curved last and dual density midsole for support.

This type of men‘s walking shoes may tend to have thick heels but not as thick as overpronators. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Lightweight trainer shoes
Lightweight trainers are the lighter version of standard trainers which is used for fast paced training. There are various types of lightweight trainer shoes, these are: Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

* Racing flats – this type of men‘s walking shoes tend to have little stability or durability. Racing flats are very light, flexible, and have low heels.
* Race walker – race walkers are designed to accommodate the motion of race walking.

Race walkers are similar to racing flats although they do not have thick midsoles. They also do not have knobs or lugs on the outsole.

Choose a walking shoe that does not have high heel, it should also be enough flexible to prevent shin splints. Look for heels that have an even undercut at the back for good heel strike and roll. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

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Men’s Wide shoes
We often hear people who have small feet, narrow feet or large feet complain that it is very difficult to find shoes that fit. But for some who have wide feet, their burden is a lot heavier than all of them.
Best Mens Leather Shoes 1
Best Mens Leather Shoes 1
For people who have wide feet it is a lot harder to find a pair of shoes that will fit. Luckily some manufacturers are now manufacturing them and most of men’s wide shoes are now available on the web. Looking for men’s wide shoes can now be as easy as browsing the net.
Listed below are the top manufacturers of men’s wide shoes and some webpage on where you can shop for men’s wide shoes online:
Hitchcock shoes (www.wideshoes .com)
An independent and family owned company.
Hitchcock shoes is a wide shoe specialist. Hitchcock Shoes is not connected with other catalog and direct marketer company. Their men’s wide shoes are can be purchased via mail order or through their online store. Hitchcock Store has a large array of men’s wide shoes. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Zappos (
This retailer specializes shoes online. has a wide range of shoes, from brands to styles to colors to sizes and to widths. also retails handbags, apparel, dresses and everything that involves fashion.
ShoeBuy (
ShoeBuy has a wide selection of branded men’s wide shoes. Offers free shipping. ShoeBuy also retails sandals, boots, handbags, luggage, accessories and apparel for all ages.
Online Shoes (
Online Shoes has a vast collection not just of men’s wide shoes but also women’s wide shoes too. Their website is easy to navigate. Online Shoes offers fast and free shipping and free exchange shipping.
JC Penny (
A subsidiary of the J. C. Penny Company Inc.; is one of the largest department stores, e-commerce retailer and catalog in America. It is like shopping on a department store without leaving the comfort of your home.
BizRate (
Founded by the Los Angeles based company; Shopzilla. It is a stand alone operating unit by “E.W. Scripps Company. BizRate is easy to use. BizRate is a powerful search site on the web. It has over 30 million products from 60,000 stores. ( offers a selection of branded men’s wide shoes. Has a large array of foot wear for all ages online. is an affiliate of Brown Shoe Company.


Most of us would not know the difference, but for men who have wide feet it can be frustrating not knowing the exact shoe size.

If you come upon
a wide shoe that you like but you don’t know the width of your shoe size, just remember, the more the letters on the shoe, the wider it is. Say, if “EEE” or “3E” wouldn’t fit, try the wider “EEEE” or “4E” size

Men’s Dance shoes

What would dancing be without dance shoes ? For most men, choosing the right men‘s dance shoes can be a burden. What most men do not know is that there are various types of men‘s dancing shoes .

Best Mens Leather Shoes 1
Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

Some dances even have their own type of dancing shoes . Remember guys, sneakers, or shoes with rubber soles, sandals or any open-toe footwear just won’t do.

A soled leather shoe like loafers will do nicely. The most essential aspect is that proper men’s dance shoes must be comfortable and fits nicely on your feet. You will not be able to focus on dancing if your feet are sore.

The dance floor also plays an important role in the fundamentals of the comfort of your feet. Dance studios are typically cushioned and have a spring like underflooring.

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These are the type of flooring that is right for dancing. It allows the dancer to dance longer with the aid of proper men‘s dance shoes . However some dance studios have concrete flooring with hardwood over it. Avoid dancing in this kind of flooring or your feet will be sore in no time.

When buying the right kind of men‘s dance shoes that suits you, you must think of it as an investment. Shop around a little bit. Prices, styles and selection of men‘s dance shoes are never ending.

Men‘s dance shoes are engineered for dancing and some men‘s dance shoes improve your image on the dance floor. You want to look good on the dance floor would you?

Some features of men‘s dance shoes have their own purposes. Like for example the ankle straps of a ballet shoe, it provides not just the appealing look but also aids in setting your feet firmly on the shoes . Some men‘s dancing shoes have pumps that make the shoes hug your feet. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

The heels of men‘s dancing shoes have different heights and widths. This depends on what style of dance the shoe was designed for. Regular men’s dance shoes have suede soles that make the dancer glide across the dance floor. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

This kind of men‘s dance shoes are good for doing turns and spins. Just a reminder, don’t wear dance shoes outside. You must always put them on a carrying case whenever you are traveling. Also, brush the nap of the suede every once in a while. By doing these it will extend the wear of the dance shoes .

Remember that your dance shoes should depend on the type of dance that you will perform. Always wear your dance shoes on rehearsals, wearing dance shoes for the first time will be uncomfortable, wear them to break them in. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

The benefit of wearing dance shoes on rehearsals is that you will be more comfortable with it during the actual performance. What’s the delay? Grab your dance shoes and let’s do some serious dancing. Best Mens Leather Shoes 1

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