Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Best Reading Glasses– What a Sight 1

Best Reading Glasses– What a Sight 1 Reading glasses can be fun. You don’t have to look like Albert Einstein or one of those out of date versions of Marian Librarian just because you need reading glasses.

Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1


Have some fun with them. Reading glasses are just another fashion accessory, of course, there’s also the plus that with your reading glasses you’ll be able to – you guessed, it – read.

Reading glasses are still available at the corner pharmacy. You can go in and pick out a pair of brown or black magnifying glasses for your face. Ugh! But if you really want to try for the totally cool versions, shop around.

There’s a ton of really attractive reading glasses to be found.

Many online retailers, high end gift and fashion stores, and eye care professionals stock great reading glasses.

For women there are a variety of very classy, feminine styles of reading glasses. Look for high quality zyl frames that come in an assortment of shapes and colors. There are so many different styles to choose from you will no doubt need more than just one.

From rhinestone to hand painted embellishments unique reading glasses options for women are definitely out there waiting to be found.

Men also have a wide variety of readers available just for them. There are the ultra cool thick frames reminiscent of Clark Kent and yesteryear. There are high quality metal frames cut in masculine shapes to offset male features.

Many reading glass manufacturers have even started manufacturing a separate line of readers for those individuals that have a hard time finding readers that are large enough. With names like Big Head Bob and Phat Head they definitely offer a generous fit.

There are many styles of reading glasses equally suited for men and women alike. Classic tortoise and black frames in circular or rectangular shapes are truly unisex. There are also great compact reading glasses to drop easily in to a purse or pocket or foldable reading glasses that break down in to an even more compact space.

You can even find tinted reading glasses. Tints vary in strength from those that are strictly for fashion to those that provide protection from bright sunlight. Sun reading glasses are great for reading outside.

Bifocal sun reading glasses are great as they allow you the reading or near vision correction you require while still allowing you uncompromised distance vision.

You can find a number of great accessories for your reading glasses such as eyeglass cases, designer reading glass chains and rubber and ribbon cords, magnifying lenses that fit in to your wallet and cleaning cloths for your reading glasses.

You can have fun with reading glasses and express your own personal sense of style!

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Foldable Reading Glasses

For those on the go the need for a compact pair of reading glasses can be met by the foldable reading glasses available on the market. These small reading glasses fold down to make them ideal for those who need to easily carry them in a pocket or purse.

Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Foldable reading glasses are designed for easy carrying. Most foldable reading glasses have four hinges located at the ear pieces and nose piece. These hinges allow the glasses to fold down to about a quarter of their original size. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

A hard case usually comes with the glasses that is designed to protect and house the glasses when they are not in use.

The small size of foldable reading glasses allow for them to be very lightweight. These petite reading glasses come in the same strengths as regular size reading glasses. Foldable reading glasses fold down to fit in your palm making them ideal to carry in a pocket or purse.

Some users may find that foldable reading glasses do not meet their needs. Due to the multiple hinges there is more chance for breakage or wear. A person who takes their glasses on and off would not want to use foldable reading glasses. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Occasional wearers who may need reading glasses for purposes like reading restaurant menus would benefit from the easy to carry size and would not have the concerns of excessive wear. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

The small size will also benefit people with stronger prescriptions as the smaller the diameter of the lens the lighter and thinner the lens will be. The smaller size does limit designs, like hand painted frames or rhinestone embellishments. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

For an occasional user looking for a simple pair of reading glasses, foldable reading glasses are perfect. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

The need for lightweight, easy to carry reading glasses has been met with the development of foldable reading glasses. These small reading glasses may not be for everyone, but for those wanting something compact, foldable reading glasses fit the bill. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

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Protect Your Reading Glasses With The Right Case

Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Taking good care of your reading classes is important. Storing your reading glasses while not in use is one of the most important parts of reading glasses care. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

There are many varieties of cases available. Each type of reading glasses has a certain type of case that should be used with them.
Protecting your reading glasses by putting them in a case when you are not using them is one major way to prolong their life.
By using a reading glasses case you will prevent accidents that could ruin them. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Metal frames are easily bent and the exposed hinges can be snapped. Plastic frames are more durable than metal, but if stepped on can break just as easily. Lens can be scratched, chipped or cracked if not protected.
Damage to your reading glasses can be avoided by using a case. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Many reading glasses come with a case when you buy them, but sometimes there is a need to purchase a new or different case. Mini reading glasses almost always come with a case designed specifically for this type of reading glasses.
The case is small in size, hard and latches shut. Mini reading lasses are the most fragile type and these cases are made to ensure they stay safely in the case without the risk of getting smashed. Plastic or metal reading glasses can be used with either a hard or soft case.
Most likely a soft case will come with plastic reading glasses. The soft fabric protects the lens while the soft case is basically just storage for the reading glasses. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Hard cases offer more protection from being dropped or smashed. Choosing the right case will protect your reading glasses the best.
A reading glasses case is essential to make sure your reading glasses are around for a long time. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Cases protect from frame and lens damage. Certain cases are made for certain types of reading glasses and the right one for your type of reading glasses should be chosen carefully. Never forget a case for reading glasses when you are purchasing a new pair.

Popeyes Reading Glasses– They’ll Make Your Eyes Pop Out

The term popeyes reading glasses refers not to the shape of your eye, or a condition known as popeyes. Nor does it refer to that spinach-ingesting sailor who loved Olive Oyl. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

No, Popeyes reading glasses refers to a style of reading glasses manufactured by Scojo Vision. Popeyes reading glasses offer some of the best compact magnification you will find in reading glasses. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

When you choosing your Popeyes reading glasses you have many options.
Let’s see what’s available. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

The Scojo Popeyes reading glasses that are similar to so called pen readers because they are slim, and about the size of a standard writing pen. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

These popeyes reading glasses are lightweight and come in a very colorful options both full framed and rimless options. While you are not able to get customized lenses placed in these frames you can choose the magnification for these popeyes reading glasses.

Choices in magnification range from a +1.00 to a +3.00 every quarter of a diopter with the exception of +2.75 which are not available.
These Scojo Vision Popeyes reading glasses are made for convenience. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

They are small and compact and easily fit in one’s pocket or purse. This makes the popeyes reading glasses very easy to have with you whenever you might need them. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Popeyes reading glasses come rimless with a wide variety of colors on the temples. You can choose rimless popeyes reading glasses in black, silver tortoise, kiwi, raspberry, or blueberry.

The full frames variety are available in a rectangular shape and also in the newest style, the popeye-O which is ocal. They are available in black, tortoise, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst and ruby. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Do you need just the thing to whip out in a fabulous nightlife setting. Check out Popeye Ice these popeyes reading glasses are extremely slim and decorated with rims of Swarovski crystal pieces all around the frame. They are very classy looking and high quality.

All popeyes reading glasses feature European spring hinges which allows for ease in putting them on and off, and come with a thin aluminum case with a flip top that is spring loaded for easy opening and closing. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Popeyes reading glasses retail at around $55-$65 making them a great value. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Turn Boring Reading Glasses Into Fun With Color, Shape and Design!

There is no use fighting the fact that at some point everyone needs reading glasses. There is no reason to tie yourself to a boring pair. Have fun with funky colors,

crazy shapes and rhinestone embellishments. Show off your free spirit with the wide variety of reading glasses that stray from normal neutral colors and rounded shapes.

Color is a place to start when jazzing up your reading glasses. Why choose dull black, brown or gray when colors like fuchsia and bright green are available? Reading glasses come in any color imaginable.

Choose one that screams ‘I am a fun person!’. Besides single colored frames there are options such as hand painted designs. A popular design is a floral pattern, but almost anything can be added with hand painting.

Find someone who specializes in painting glasses and tell them what you want for your reading glasses. Getting creative with the color is one of the ways to add more pizzazz to your reading glasses.

The shape of the frames is another option to turn your reading glasses from boring to fun. Most people see glasses as either round or oval shaped, but that is not the case.

In fact cat eye shaped frames are very popular swooping up at the temples giving your face a visual lift. There are also squared or angled shaped frames. Not all frame shapes work on all faces.

Try out different shapes to find one that suits you.
For those really fun at heart people, rhinestones may be the answer. Rhinestone readers can be bought in all shapes, sizes and colors. Rhinestones are a great way to add flash and fun to reading glasses.

While some people may love just one of these fun ideas, others may try all three. Be creative. The glasses are for reading, and you can have fun with them too.

Are My Arms Shrinking Or Do I Need Reading Glasses?
Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1
Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

With age comes many things, one of which is the need to wear reading glasses. People over 40 will often realize that they are holding reading materials out at arms length just so they can read them.

The cause is an age-related condition called presbyopia. It may not be preventable, but it doesn’t need to be the end of the world.

Presbyopia is what causes people to need reading glasses. People without other vision problems will be more likely to notice the development of presbyopia.

This condition is caused by hardening of the lens in the eye that causes it to lose flexibility. This loss of flexibility results in difficulty seeing up close, also known as nearsightedness.


The condition generally worsens over time and should be diagnosed by a doctor. The symptoms of presbyopia are blurred vision when reading or working closely, headaches, eye strain and dizziness.

A doctor can diagnose the condition and give you your prescription. Presbyopia is a normal condition that will strike almost everyone over the age of forty.

When you begin asking yourself “do I need reading glasses?” the answer is probably yes. If you already wear glasses you will remedy the problem by adding a bifocal lens to your regular glasses.


For those who do not normally wear glasses a pair of reading glasses will work to correct the condition. Reading glasses can be bought through your doctor, at a retail store or online.


If you are buying them somewhere other than your doctor’s office you will need to know your prescription or “reading power”. This will allow you to buy the correct pair of reading glasses.


The need for reading glasses will be encountered by everyone once they reach their forties. It is a natural and normal condition that shouldn’t cause any worry.


A visit to the doctor and the purchase of reading glasses should help fix the problem. So, if you find yourself saying “do I need reading glasses” make an appointment to get your eyes checked, don’t panic, and remember that Presbyopia is a normal part of the aging process.

Find Your Style Of Reading Glasses To Show Off Your Sense Of Fashion

Reading glasses or readers have evolved from those old black granny glasses of the past. Today’s reading glasses offer style and glamour making them as fashionable as they are functional.

The many varieties of reading glasses available match the many personalities of their wearers.

To be fashionable and feel great you need to identify what you need from a pair of reading glasses. Reading glasses come in many types, but the most popular ones are: rimless, plastic, metal, and foldable.

The following list describes each kind, the characteristics, and styles available.
Rimless reading glasses: This kind has no frame around the lens. The ear and nose pieces connect directly to the lens. Rimless readers are good for someone wanting something lightweight.

They also have an invisible look to them for someone who wants people to notice their beautiful face, not their reading glasses. Rimless readers do not offer much room for creative designs and usually come in one solid color.

Plastic reading glasses: Plastic readers are, as their name says, made of plastic. They are probably the most recognized type of frame. The choices of designs and colors are endless. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Almost anything imaginable can be done with plastic readers. The most common problem with this type of frame is they are the heaviest of all frames. Newly developed plastics, like memory flex plastic, are lighter weight and have added bonuses like forming to fit your face comfortably.

Metal reading glasses: Metal has fast become a favorite frame choice because it is lightweight and less noticeable than plastic. Metal frames come in many colors and designs as well. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

The biggest concern with a metal frame is that it bends easily and once bent is prone to breaking. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

Foldable reading glasses: Foldable readers have hinges at the nose and ear pieces that allow them to be folded down to about a quarter of their original size. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

They have metal frames and because of the extra hinges have an added risk of breaking. The easy to carry characteristics of foldable reading glasses makes them a favorite with people who only occasionally need to use them, but store them in a purse or pocket most of the time. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

When buying a pair of fashionable reading glasses, make sure work for you so that you will wear them. Then everybody will see what a flair for fashion you have. Best Reading Glasses- What a Sight 1

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