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Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

High on the list of frustrating things people do because they feel they have to is jeans shopping. Shopping for a pair of comfortable chinos would be easier,

but it would not meet that irresistible need to have a stylish well fitting pair of jeans ready to go at a moments notice.

If you are like most people, there are several pairs of jeans in your closet that almost never see the light of day. They may have looked right in the store,

but at home they just don’t make the cut over the one pair in the closet that actually fits and feels just right. Just about all frustrated shoppers have thoughts on the matter of how to buy the right pair of jeans.

Only a few ideas, however, are really worth considering given subtle variations of body types that a pair of jeans needs to fit.

Fit the body type
Although it is fairly simplistic to say that there are only five body types, it is the easiest way to narrow down the hundreds that could be given.

Consider these groupings: short-wasted, long torso, plus-size, wide hips, slim and petite. There are of course variations in between. For a short-waste consider lower fitting hip hugger jeans. These will tend to elongate the upper body.

For a long torso body type, go for a pair of jeans that has a defined waist. This goes in the opposite direction of the short waist person.

Plus size people need to work with balancing the hips. To do this, look for a flare at the bottom of the leg. This will balance out the hips. Also, large pockets close together will help.

A petite person should consider a straight leg pair of jeans that may be a bit baggier then normal. This will cast a taller silhouette.

Age appropriate jeans
Unless you look like Goldie Hawn when she was in her 20’s and 30’s certain areas of the body have moved and your attitude has changed.

Make yourself understand that the days of the torn knee and low-rise jeans are gone. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it gives you quite a few options with regard to style and fit.

Where are you going?
The perfect fit means differing things for differing uses. Jeans at a casual party require a differing fit then if you might be wearing them on a casual Friday.

Consider a stiffer leg if you are going to a function that isn’t quite a picnic but not a slack sort of function.

A straight leg will work for people with a narrow waist or short legs, and if your waste isn’t quite as narrow as it once was go with darker colors. Darker colors cover up a host of body imperfections.

Casual Fridays call for a dark jean and a defined waste. Anybody can wear this type of jean no matter the body type, but if you are plus-sized or petite add the rules above.

The real trick to fitting your style and body type, in this instance, is to find a pair of straight leg jeans you are comfortable with and buy two pair. Buy one pair for flats and one for heels.

When in doubt, accessorize
If you are still having a difficult time finding just that right pair of jeans to fit your body type don’t fret. As the saying goes, “when in doubt accessorize.”

If your hips are still in the way, a good pair of shoes and a few frills on the blouse may help a bit (don’t go crazy on the frills though.)

Try matching the jean color to some jewelry. Or, the wide ankle is always a good fall back to distract while continuing to be stylish.

Take it along
One of the biggest errors that people make when jean shopping is to not take along those items that they will have on, or with them, when they are actually wearing the jeans.

If you need a defined waist or a distraction take along a belt to make sure it fits and works well with whatever else you may wear with the jeans. Afterall, if they fit well, but don’t necessarily look right, you can always make them look right.

Taking care of those that fit
When you have finally found a pair of jeans that fit and look stylish make sure that you take care of them. A good pair of jeans that fit is not something to take lightly.

Always wash your jeans in cold water and if you want to go to extremes turn them inside out so that they don’t fade.

Always hang dry the jeans and, if you are going to make alterations, wash them a few times first just in case they want to shrink.

It seems to me that jeans never fit quite right

The best fit that I have found is a pair of lucky brand jeans. I had almost given up entirely on all of blue jean kind when I found them last week at the mall.

How To Buy best Jeans
How To Buy best Jeans

They were on the remaindered rack. It seems that the lucky brand denim jeans that I had found were slightly irregular.

It is a good thing too, or I never would have bought them. I would not care if lucky brand jeans were the most famous brand in the world. I still would not pay what they ask for them normally.

At least I would not have before. Now, things are different. I know how well this one particular style of lucky brand jeans fits on me.

Unfortunately, one pair of blue jeans alone is just not going to cut it. That is why I am going to the lucky brand jean outlet next week.

I do not understand why anyone, once he or she has picked out the style of pants that he or she likes, would buy them at a normal store.

If you can drive a few miles and buy your lucky brand jeans at one half the price, why not stock up at the outlet store? I guess that people who buy designer jeans are not the most practically minded people.

They like to show off the fact that they can waste their money on bluejeans, so many do not like to buy them cheap.

I know that the lucky brand jeans are good because, for the very first time in my life, I have gotten a compliment on my pants.

Maybe it is the fact that I always wear extremely worn, patched, and threadbare trousers, but no one has ever had a nice thing to say about my pants before.

Now that I am wearing the lucky brand jeans, however, one of my best friends told me that I look cute. And she is a girl, so her opinion counts!

Calvin klein jeans

When I was in high school ten years ago, Calvin Klein jeans were the most popular thing that you could wear. It didn’t matter that they cost us a small fortune to own and proudly wear, we bugged our parents endlessly to get them for us.

How To Buy best Jeans
How To Buy best Jeans

Apparently, it was the “in” thing to wear and showed style and status. Today, Calvin Klein jeans are definitely still popular and definitely still a bit pricey.

However, they have quite a bit of competition and quite a few people are no longer putting such an emphasis on what brands they are wearing these days.

There are so many other things to worry about in the world right now, I would hope that quite a few people spend more time thinking about more important things than what label is on their jeans.

Of course, we all are familiar with the ever so attractive models that Calvin Klein plasters all over the bulletin boards.

Male and female, the models are always perfect examples of how Calvin Klein jeans or clothing should look when being worn.

Never mind the fact that we all don’t have the same bodies that these models do. As I get older, I definitely am not able to fit into the same style and size of jeans or clothing that I once was able to.

In fact, the more that my sizes increase, I’m looking for comfort as opposed to label and popularity of a brand of jeans.

Perhaps that tedious issue becomes much more irrelevant once you leave your school days behind and see that the real world doesn’t judge you by the brand of jeans that you are wearing.

When I go shopping, I have to admit – I still cruise through the various brand names and see what’s on sale. Calvin Klein jeans are normally not on sale, but every once in a while a sale can be found on them.

It is those deals that I am tempted to try a pair on and
get them, just to relive some of my youth. Reality always reminds me that I have more important things to spend my money on other than Calvin Klein jeans.

The teenager inside of me wants to be cool again. The grown-up inside of me reminds me that they will most likely never fit me again and I should just stick to what I know works for my size and my wallet.

Most major department stores that carry clothing lines will sell Calvin Klein jeans. Not all of them though. You can always buy them online,

however, it isn’t as easy to try things on. It on depends on how badly you want to be wearing those ever so cool Calvin Klein jeans.

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