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Best Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend

Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend

If you run a service that is based on fashion, like a fashion shop or a fashion consulting organization, you might locate that fashion programs are an excellent source device.

Fashion programs are likewise excellent for those that are looking to discover even more concerning the newest fashion patterns or also those that are simply looking to have a great time.

Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend
Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend

Fashion programs are enjoyable to go to, you will certainly require to discover one to participate in. There are lots of people out there that choose versus going to a Fashion program, as they believe it would certainly be as well hard to discover one.



Yes, it might be a bit hard to locate a fashion program to go to, particularly if you are searching for something particularly, yet it is greater than feasible to do.


One of the several methods that you go around locating a fashion program to participate in is by reviewing published fashion publications.

Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend
Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend

The only disadvantage to participating in a big fashion program is that they are rather preferred; for that reason, you might require to make appointments or buy your fashion program tickets in breakthrough.


You might desire to check out the on-line sites of fashion publications, as they commonly have info on future fashion programs.


If you are interested in going to a fashion program that is held on a routine basis, like annual, you might desire to believe concerning doing a typical net search.


Going to a notoriously well-known fashion program is wonderful, you might discover it challenging to take a trip to the place or you might locate it tough to pay for the expense of a ticket. If that is the instance, it does not always imply that you can not participate in a fashion program.

Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend
Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend

If you are interested in participating in a neighborhood fashion program, you might desire to maintain your eyes and also your ears open, specifically when checking out one of your regional purchasing malls.


If the shopping center in inquiry isn’t the host of a fashion program, however one is taking area close by, you might be able to still discover ads shown in your neighborhood buying mall.


If you want going to a fashion program, whether it be a popular fashion program or simply one that is organized in your area, you might wish to utilize the above pointed out techniques to discover one to participate in.


As a pointer, fashion programs are wonderful for those that remain in the fashion industry, in addition to those that are simply curious about having fun.

Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend
Discovering a Fashion Show to Attend

If you run a company that is based on Fashion , like a fashion shop or a fashion consulting organization, you might discover that Fashion programs are an excellent source device.


Fashion programs are likewise fantastic for those that are looking to find out even more regarding the newest Fashion fads or also those that are simply looking to have a great time.


One of the lots of means that you go around discovering a Fashion program to go to is by reviewing published Fashion publications.


The only disadvantage to participating in a huge Fashion program is that they are fairly preferred; for that reason, you might require to make bookings or buy your Fashion program tickets in advancement.


You might desire to check out the on the internet sites of Fashion publications, as they frequently have info on forthcoming Fashion programs.

La Prima Donna Restaurant is Venue for Luxury Fashion Show Series by Producer Andres Aquino

USA International Fashion Shows has partnered with New York City restaurant La Prima Donna to present the Martini Fashion Dinner and Champagne Fashion Brunch series of shows.

Martini Fashion Dinners are held on selected Monday evenings and Champagne Fashion Brunches take place on selected Sunday afternoons.

Located on West 47th Street, in the heart of New York City’s Times Square and famous theater district, La Prima Donna’s elegant and traditional Tuscan cuisine is updated with Venetian style and modern urban panache.

Guests enjoy a truly original and exceptional culinary experience in an ambience of a Venetian Carnivale complete with wall murals and Renaissance art.

The popular eatery, operated under the experienced direction of General Manager Mohamed Choayra, has received excellent write ups in the New York Daily News, Playbill, Gotham and A La Carte.

“We are really excited about working with La Prima Donna,” says fashion show producer and company CEO Andres Aquino.

“After considering numerous places in New York, we found this venue to be a perfect fit for our shows due to its location, the ambience and decor as well as its exquisite Italian cuisine and, above all, the service of its management and staff.”

The concept behind the events is to bring fashion shows to the people who love fashion, taking them out of the exclusive domain of the trade.

The runway shows are combined with fine food and drink making a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the appreciative guests.

A major marketing campaign is being launched in an array of media ranging from Playbill to the New York Times along with a heavy Internet presence.

Opportunities are available for sponsors and advertisers who want to reach an affluent fashion-conscious audience.

Attending guests come from as far as Australia and as near as midtown Manhattan. They come for special occasions such as family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, father-daughter outings, and wedding proposals.

Tickets to the shows are becoming popular customer appreciation gifts for favored clients and corporate incentives. Other guests include celebrities out for an unusual afternoon or evening activity and buyers looking for unique fashions.

The ability to buy right off the runway and meet the designers and models in a relaxed atmosphere are among the features that make these events special.

From the Far East to Europe to Canada and South America, the shows have generated a great deal of interest, and people are buying tickets up to six months in advance. Tickets are available through the company website as well as through various ticket outlets worldwide.

“These events are positive experiences for everyone,” notes Andres Aquino.

“The audience gets a fabulous fashion show and a delicious meal, the designers get a great platform to show and hopefully sell their creations, the makeup artists and stylists get an opportunity to show their talent,

the models get to wear beautiful clothes and add to their runway experience, the restaurant gets to introduce itself to new customers,

the sponsors reach a targeted audience that is receptive to their message, and the attending press gets some great content for their editorials.”

The participating designers present some of the best wearable couture and exquisite accessories.

Recent shows have featured collections by designers from a host of countries including Austria, South Africa, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, England, India, and of course the USA.

Some already have their lines carried in exclusive stores like Bergdorf Goodman and chic boutiques on Madison Avenue as well as in other fashion capitals.

The modest participation fee makes this an attractive opportunity to designers looking to expand their market base and reach the press as well as wholesale and retail buyers.

Press coverage of these events has included many articles in the printed press and Internet as well as TV coverage, sometimes from the fashion point of view and other times from the human perspective.

One recent Champagne Fashion Brunch attracted media attention when an 87-year old former fashion model fulfilled a lifelong dream of walking on the runway. She modeled a couture gown made especially for her. Upcoming shows will be making donations to children’s charities.

Producer Andres Aquino is CEO of USA International Fashion Shows and Fashion Syndicate Press, founded in 1997.

He is also the founder and creator of New York’s Couture Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week, attracting fashion and accessories designers from around the world.

International Bikini Fashion Show – WOW! And the new KlickCommerce, bringing the bikinis to you.

If you like swimwear, could there have be a better place to be? Whether you like fashion shows or not, or whether you just appreciate looking for a sexy bikini,

the 19th annual Ujena Bikini Jam in Cancun had all the sexy swimwear, bikinis, models and fun that anyone could take in.

Bikini modeling and photography is a passion of mine, and this event brought them together with awesome fashion and people from all over the world. Models and photographers alike got discovered, the new line of Swimwear was introduced, and the beaches were packed. It was truly a party.
Here’s the cool part.

If you are a model or a photographer, you can enter the competition for a chance to become the Ujena Model of the year or Photographer of the year.

There are qualifying events in various locations, and if you want more information about that, feel free to e-mail me. Oh yeah, there was also a talent show and a costume party to boot.

So 5 days in Cancun, around 80 competing models and photographers, photo shoots, judging, nightclubs, sexy bikinis, over $4000 in cash prizes, margaritas in the sun, need I say more?
How do I fit in to all this? Well I have a tough job.

I have to look at bikinis all day. The new KlickCommerce system has been developed in order to provide the world with the most beautiful swim suits, bikinis, and beachwear available. I help bring these gorgeous catalogs to your computer screen.

Next years event, the 20th annual Ujena Bikini Jam, is September 1-5, 2005 in Cabo San Lucas and I have been asked to be a judge. Are you kidding? I am there!

But that’s not all. KlickCommerce is planning to partake in this year’s event by sponsoring a model and sending her on the trip with paid competition entry, air fare, hotel accommodations and more.

It is our goal to hold a “mini-Bikini Jam” in order to help create awareness and offer one select model a chance of a lifetime.

Glamorous Paris Fashion Week

Summary: Autumn/ Winter Paris Fashion Week which was held last March were inspired with French heritage.

fashion week is a fashion industry event, normally named after the host city or commercial sponsor, which lasted four to ten days.

This kind of event is held so that fashion designers are able to showcase their “collections” for either spring or fall seasons.

The Spring fashion weeks are held in January through March, and Fall fashion weeks are held between September and November.

The fashion weeks are to be held a few months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers a chance to preview fashion designs for the following season. This is to allow time for retailers to arrange to purchase or incorporate the designers into their retail marketing.

Fashion weeks are attended by buyers for major stores, the media, celebrities, and members of the entertainment industry.

The highlight is usually the renowned runway show, where the top designers are frequently part of the week’s activities, most especially in the major cities.

The most well-known and celebrated Fashion Weeks are London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Tokyo Fashion Week, and many more.

The Paris fashion week, which was held at the Jardins Ephemeres in Paris, was a Paris autumn/winter fashion week 2006 /2007 which opened on March 2006. It was attended by many famous designers and celebrities, and a lot of fashion lovers.

Some of the very popular autumn/winter Parish fashion Week designers who showcased their collections are Valentino, Miu Miu, Hermes, John Galliano, Elie Saab, Comme des Garçons, and Louis Vuitton.

At Paris Fashion Week this year, collections were laced with wit and literary, historical and even political allusions. The ways the designers put together all their ideas to come with unique designs were extraordinary.

As a person who does not give that much attention to the latest fashion, and who does not wear what they call “latest fashion”, I found myself admiring the collections of this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

I have enjoyed watching every designer’s collection. I never imagined I could appreciate those kinds wardrobe. The reasons maybe are that the designs were historically inspired, and very classy.

Now I have the clearest idea why many people, especially celebrities come and watch fashion shows, and why the collections are being photographed so much.

Is it because it is hosted by or held in a well-known place, for example Paris Fashion Week? Definitely not! Almost all of the Fashion shows features beautifully designed collections of the designers’ works being worn by skinny

tall, and lifeless dolls (which make the latest fashion clothing more stunning) on the runways. I bet all the designers had a hard time coming up those masterpieces but it’s all worth the effort.

Follow the Fad: Learn Italian Fashion

Fashion design is an applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.

Italian fashion had been playing a major role in the fashion world. This time let’s not just fallow the fad, let’s learn Italian fashion and its roots.

Italy and fashion have a very unique and special relationship. Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Gucci, Versace. All these names are Italians. All of them are famour designers known worldwide for their artistic creativity and contributions to the world of fashion designing.

During the twelfth century, Florence is known fore the Florentine feronnerie and in the fourteenth century, there was the success of the scarlati wools of Venice.

Italian even boasts of the invention of eyeglasses or roidi. As early as 1300, Italy is already releasing licensed designer sunglasses worldwide.

Italians are responsible for the some of the most refined leather and fur craftsmanship of the twentieth century. Trussardi and Furla were both family

companies founded in the early 1900s and promote the most beautiful leather goods in fashion. Fendi has been a longtime producer of pieced and dyed furs.

In 1920, the United States sawo the first hand made shoes of the first Italian luzury brand Salvatore Ferragamo. Among other exclusive fashion names are Valentino,

Gianfranco Ferre, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana. Gucci is the greatest- selling Italaian fashion brand, with worldwide sales of &7.158 billion dollars.

It was Count Giorgini who started the “Italian fashion Craze” in 1951. He organises a show to be presented to an interntional audience in Florence.

Nobility would present the new collection against a backdrop of fine art or scenery. This contributed to the status of Italian fashion. This had put into the customer’s mind that Italian fashion is very rich in quality.

Milan made its mark as being the Fashion Capital of Italy in 1970s and 1980s. Italian brands are now universally recognized and regarded as “high quality” and “high fashion”. Fashion fairs in Milan are always considered to be an international and national event.

Italian fashion is not only available in Italy. There are great fashion houses that are very popular in most of the countries. But there are people who found branded Italian clothes are very much expensive for their pockets.

There are great shopping stores in Florence and in Rome near the Piazza di Spagna. There are also fabric stores and notions shops in Mercerie. Mercerie hosts a wide array of buttons, bindings, cords, and tassels.

Italian fashion has been a landmark for the fashion industry. Italian fashion is a representation of love, art and values of Italians.

Education and of course, culture had greatly influenced the fashion scenario of the country. Italian fashion saw a big change during the sixties, dresses changed from a mere dress to something that was reflection of creation and design.

Italian fashion looks like a fairy tale. For Italians, fashion is an instrument of social redemption whereby class is determined by what one wears.

Fashion is becoming a tool for confirming the social status. Italian fashion had evolved for a long time. It evolved from simple fur and leather products to immensely expensive and beautiful clothes.

Following the fad is just never enough. Knowing the brand and learning from its origins, it his matter, we learn about Italian fashion, helps us make right choices whether it is for family or for personal.



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