How to Best Make Perfume 1

How to Best Make Perfume 1

How to Best Make Perfume 1 Have you ever wondered why perfumes come in a number of names, with different scents?

Many are even rushing to introduce their own perfume nowadays. Well, this is due to some particular reasons that you may find interesting.

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

One of the concrete reasons that so many famous names are now rushing to introduce their fragrances is that perfumes are very simple products that are easy to make.

How to make perfumes may only need little amount of time, interest and effort from you. Aside from that, the ingredients used in the perfume formula are pretty affordable.

They can even be found in a number of stores throughout the world. And, with today’s advancement in technology, a new scent can be created quickly.

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

So, how to make perfume?

Knowing how to make perfume is a pretty wise move to take. Well, to make perfume, you need to note first the basic ingredients. Note that perfumes basically contain essential oils, water and pure grain alcohol like vodka.

Of these ingredients, the essential oils are the ones that need to be focused more. The discussion on how to make perfume basically starts with the consideration of the essential oils.

To make a good bottle of perfume , most perfumers start by sorting the essential oils according to their weight. This is typically in accordance to the established formula.

They sort the oils according to their notes. So when thinking on how to make perfume , understand that the essential oils vary in notes.

Those with top notes include orange, lemon, spearmint, peppermint, grapefruit, bergamot, and lime.

The oils with middle notes are coriander, marjoram, basil, palmarosa, rose, geranium, rosemary, pettitgrain, and lavender. The patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, and vetiver belong to the category of base notes.

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

So you’ve learned about the basic notes.

Now, how to make perfume also includes awareness on maintaining the proper ratio of the essential oils to the water and alcohol. Usually, this is the formula: 15 to 30 percent of essential oil, 70 to 80 percent of alcohol, and at least 5 percent of water.

Speaking of water, try to use only bottled distilled or spring water. In addition, buy only the 100% proof vodka for the alcohol content of your perfume.

You can also use brandy if you like. And, if you want to add color to your creations, you can do by using a natural vegetable food dye.

Knowing how to make perfume also involves awareness on the worst enemy of perfume , which is the sun. So when bottling your creations, make sure that the bottles are sterilized and not clear cut.

Clear cut bottles will only attract the sun. However, if you do really prefer to present your creations in a fancy bottle, place the highest amount of your perfume in a separate container.

Finally, write down your formula and remember all the drops of essential oils you use. A single added drop can totally change the whole formula. So carry a notebook when learning how to make perfume .

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All You Need To Know About Fragrances And Perfumes

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

Why do people use perfume? Men and women alike have their own purposes for using fragrances. Some just like to smell good, and smelling good enhances their own well-being.

Some use perfume to make a grand statement as they enter a room and to leave an impression as they go out. Some enhance their own natural scent with

perfume  so they would be seductive and appealing to the opposite sex. There are many reasons as to why people use fragrances.

Unique Signature Scents

When you buy perfumes, however, you have to be careful. It is very unwise to just pick up a bottle and head off to the counter to buy that fragrance.

You have to test it on your skin first. Not only is it possible that you could be allergic to some perfumes, but a fragrance that smells nice on one person will not smell the same on you.

There is something that biochemists and manufacturers of perfumes alike call the signature scent. This signature scent refers to the particular chemical makeup of the body, which dictates how our skin will take to any fragrance that we apply onto it.

We all have unique signature scents because it is determined by our particular lifestyle habits and choices, diet, the medication that we take if we are taking any, our skin type and coloring, and many other factors.

Thus, because of signature scent, a specific fragrance will smell differently on different people.

The Three Elements of Fragrance

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

The scent of a perfume is determined by three elements: the theme of the fragrance, its notes and its concentration.

Knowing about these three elements can help you decide on which would be the best perfume that would suit you and your personality.

Theme is what creates variation among fragrances. It is also called accord and is dependent on the base upon which the perfume is formulated, and there are four common bases used in formulating perfumes.

These four are:

* Citrus – created from fruits rich in citric acid, like oranges, bergamots and lemons, always light and fresh-smelling.
* Earth – lends an air of mystery upon the wearer, formulated from minerals or from non-flowering plants such as cinnamon, vanilla, honey and sandalwood.

* Musk – always considered sexy and alluring, and though previously made from the sacs of animals such as the civet and the Asian musk deer, they are now created synthetically.

* Floral – the most common theme among perfumes; as the name suggests, they are made from the essence of flowers and are often strong, clinging and sweet.

The notes of a perfume, on the other hand, are what are known as the impressions of the fragrance. It is the lingering air left by the perfume as it evaporates from the skin. All scents have three notes, called the top, the heart and the base.

* Top note – the instant impression created by the fragrance. It is supposed to attract people to the scent, but it quickly dissipates.
* Heart note – called the body of the perfume, the perfume’s essence. It tells the smeller what the fragrance is supposed to be about.
* Base note – the scent that lingers after the top note and the heart note evaporates. It is the main message of the perfume.

The last element to be considered is the concentration of the perfume . Concentration indicates how pure the perfume is, or the amount of perfume oil added into the fragrance.

The purest perfume is known to be extremely volatile and can cause irritations when applied right onto the skin. To prevent this and to allow users to enjoy fully the fragrance, perfume oils are mixed into ethanol, with water sometimes added in.

Perfume extracts are the most concentrated among fragrances.

They are meant to be used sparingly and only on the body’s pulse points. Coming after perfume extracts in terms of concentration is the eau de parfum, and after that, the eau de toilette.

These two are often sprayed all over the body. The least concentrated of fragrances is the eau de cologne.

Tips on How to Buy Perfume

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying a scent for yourself.

1. Never buy a scent just because you liked how it smelled on someone else. Remember that our signature scent is uniquely our own, so what may smell good on others may not be as good on our skin.

2. Never be in a rush when buying perfume. The best way to test a fragrance is to spray some on your wrist and let it linger for 30 minutes. It usually takes a scent to display all its three notes within 30 minutes.

If you like what you smell on yourself after that time, go ahead and buy the fragrance.

3. Always get a scent that expresses your personality. You should always think of the fragrances you wear as extensions of yourself.

4. Always remember that the chemical makeup of a perfume is delicate. Therefore, never store your fragrances in extremely cold or extremely hot places, or where they can be caught by direct sunlight.

5. Never hoard your perfumes or else they will just evaporate.

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Perfumes and the Women Who Love Them

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

If it is Valentine’s Day, then many men resort to flowers or candy to show the women in their lives just how much they really care.

For the bigger holidays such as birthdays or Christmas, men typically reach a bit deeper into their pockets for the larger ticket items such as jewelry or perfume .

But the reason why so much perfume is sold in any given year has far more to do with hormones and the feelings created by certain scents than by the gift-giving rationale of men.

Perfumes, colognes, and scented oils have been part of human civilization since the time of the ancient Egyptians and beyond. Jars and vases filled with exotic fragrances have also been found in ancient Chinese burial sites. In fact, the use of perfumes has no exact starting date as its exact history is unknown.

All that is truly known is that women and men have been using cologne and perfume to enhance their own scent for thousands of years will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

In any given year, 66% of men and 75% of women find themselves buying cologne or perfume during the course of a year.

Researchers believe that part of the reason why women love receiving perfume (and also when men love giving perfume as a gift) is due to pheromones. Pheromones are hormones thought to stimulate sexual appetite or interest and they are triggered by scent.

So do women love perfume because it makes them want to have sex? No, actually the scent has a more dramatic effect upon men. While the effect is less pronounced in women, certain colognes worn by men have been known to produce a similar desire in women.

Although a link between the scent of perfume and increased sexual desire has been found, researchers do not believe that it explains the desire to wear perfume on a daily basis.

In fact, most scientists believe that human pheromones and their impact upon our behavior has decreased over the years as we have become more advanced and civilized.

While most scientists conclude that scent once played a rather large part in human mating habits, they believe that it has relatively little to do with sexual attraction in this day and age.

So then…why do women love perfume so much and why is it such a popular gift during the holidays? It actually seems to be due to the simple feeling created by wearing any fragrance that one finds appealing.

In fact, the feeling created by a woman wearing perfume is similar to that made by a candle used for aromatherapy. It is soothing, subtle, and slightly romantic but not really sexual in nature.

Of course, it does not really matter why precisely a woman loves wearing perfume . All that is truly important is that she does love to smell great and the attention she receives when wearing her favorite perfume .

In time, the perfume and the scent of her own body will combine into a singular aroma that will literally become her own scent.

As the sense of smell can recall the most vivid of memories, it is this unique scent of a woman combined with her perfume that people tend to remember most when thinking of that person.

Men will often buy the same perfume for a woman even years after she has ceased using it because it is the scent they have come to identify with that woman.

And yet, women do move on to new perfumes and always seem to be on the search for a new scent to adorn their bodies.

Of course, it is not surprising for some higher end perfumes to cost $100’s of dollars per bottle which is why a large number of women and men find themselves shopping for their favorite brands online.

The Internet can also be a great place to find deals on new perfumes and fragrances as most websites generally offer a much greater selection than traditional stores.

The love of perfume by both men and women may be completely instinctual and somehow related to sexuality.

However, the fact is that perfume just plain smells great and therefore puts us in a good mood. Who doesn’t like something that smells good—be it a pot roast or a garden lily?

Of course, pot roast has a tendency to make us hungry…so what does the smell of fine perfume make us? There has to be a really good reason why perfume is so popular, now doesn’t there??

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Perfume Wholesalers
How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

Are you running a perfume business and want to find a perfume wholesaler that can help you source perfumes at a much affordable price than the ones offered at retail stores?

Well, perfume wholesalers are readily available anywhere in the world. How to Best Make Perfume 1

You can find them anywhere, whether offline or online. And, perhaps what’s nice to know about these wholesalers is that they offer their wholesale perfumes at great quality and at the price that you can afford.

If you are serious with your search, then read on. I have mentioned below some of the largest perfume wholesalers around the world. They market wholesale perfumes and other products at pretty affordable prices. Here are your choices: How to Best Make Perfume 1


Based in Miami, Florida, EuroFragrance is a wholesale distributor of French perfumes that are truly authentic. How to Best Make Perfume 1

They also market cosmetics and some bath and body products, all are offered at the most competitive prices. What’s further worth noting about this perfume wholesaler is that they offer shipment for the products they have been offering. How to Best Make Perfume 1

They ship the wholesale perfumes through FedEx, U.P.S., or through any other ground shipper. And, for international orders, EuroFragrance ship their perfume either through FedEx or DHL. How to Best Make Perfume 1

If for instance, certain problems occur with the products you purchase, don’t worry for EuroFragrance has a return policy which maintains that the authorized defective products can be returned within fourteen days.

Obviously, this perfume wholesaler is an online based wholesale distributor of perfumes . Well, this company has been in the business of distributing wholesale perfumes and cosmetics for about twenty years now.

They sell their products either directly or indirectly to the large chain retailers, and they have distributed wholesale perfumes and cosmetics directly to approximately 500,000 customers just from their retail operation in California.

What’s more, this perfume wholesaler sells only the items that are top in quality.

No counterfeited products are offered, all are authentic. Today, they considered the UPS Ground for their major shipments. And, just like EuroFragrance, this perfume wholesaler maintains a return policy.

Save on Scents

One of New York’s leading perfume wholesaler, Save on Scents has long been offering authentic perfumes in wholesale prices. The perfumes they offer generally vary in types.

Their list includes designer perfumes, holiday fragrances, zodiac and feng shui fragrances, and even some commercial types. Traditional fragrances are even available at this perfume wholesaler, and all are given with a return policy and 100% guarantee.

A number of other perfume wholesalers are out there in the market, ready to give you the best wholesale perfumes you’ve never imagined. However, before considering one, How to Best Make Perfume 1

be sure to read their policies first, including the terms and conditions of purchase. Also conduct some research on the company’s background if you have time to make sure that you are dealing with the most reliable perfume wholesaler on earth. The point is, know the company you are dealing with. How to Best Make Perfume 1

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8 Popular Perfume Choices For Women

If you like to smell good, and who doesn’t, then finding the right perfume is at the top of your list. The shopping process may include sampling tester bottles at the store or simply by the old trial-and-error method.

In an attempt to make your perfume shopping a little easier, this article takes a look at eight of the top perfume choices for women.

How to Best Make Perfume 1
How to Best Make Perfume 1

Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies.

Do you remember the days of visiting the local fair and the smell of the delicious cotton candy? There is a fragrance that can help to revisit those special memories because, you guessed it, Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies is a perfume that smells exactly like cotton candy.

In one word, it’s just plain yummy

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen. This perfume, commonly found at Macy’s, is one that offers a sweet scent that is the ultimate in femininity. It almost lends to a soft floral smell and will captivate everyone in the room. How to Best Make Perfume 1

Eternity by Calvin Klein. This is a bold fragrance that leaves people thinking of you for, just as the name implies, an eternity. How to Best Make Perfume 1

CK One by Calvin Klein. This perfume  has been available for quite some time and leaves the wearer with a clean scent that is unmistakable to those who recognize it. It’s smell is so memorable that those who experience it will notice it instantly on someone else. How to Best Make Perfume 1

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. This perfume offers a very pleasing scent and a very sweet one at the same time. Like other designer perfumes, it is bold and will definitely get you noticed. How to Best Make Perfume 1

Navy by Cover Girl. A perfume that has been available for many years, Navy is visually recognizable by the round blue bottle and gold lettering. It’s smell is soft, but so very memorable at the same time. How to Best Make Perfume 1

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren. This perfume , created by a popular clothing designer, is fruity in it’s smell and stays with the wearer for hours. It is a quality fragrance for the athletic type or for the home body as it’s universal scent is for every woman. How to Best Make Perfume 1

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. This perfume is fairly new on the market and has been made available in recent years. Still yet, it has steadily gained in popularity and offers the wearer a very sweet scent that softens just enough to be enjoyed. How to Best Make Perfume 1

When selecting perfume , it’s a good idea to purchase a small bottle so that you can take it with you wherever you go. Some of the smallest perfume bottles will fit in the tiniest of purses, which makes them ideal for a quick sprits on the go. How to Best Make Perfume 1


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