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How To Buy best Jeans

How To Buy best Jeans

For most, men’s jeans are the most valuable player of the wardrobe. Usually, this isn’t because they’re the most expensive piece of clothing we own,

or even the best-looking. Instead, it’s their versatility that’s important, as you can wear jeans around the house, in the workplace or on casual outings.

Despite this usefulness, however, finding that perfect pair of men’s jeans is never easy.

So what should you look for when searching for that perfect pair of jeans? Aside from the best possible price, here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind.

Picking the right pair.

Look for timeless jeans. How To Buy best Jeans

It’s hard to say what will be in style a year from today, but by sticking more or less with tried and true denim styles, you can aim for and land a pair of jeans that will remain stylish for years. Here are three classic examples:

Original blue jeans: Evolving from rough and tumble work wear, these are now one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own.

Slightly faded blue jeans: More casual wear than anything else, these can nevertheless also look hip with a nice sports coat and shirt.

Dirty denim: These can be a faded brownish rusty color or blue dirty denim. More stylized than regular blue jeans, these are still subtle enough to stand the test of time.

Flashier colors like red are always off-limits in terms of timelessness, and you should also try to avoid black or white jeans.

Black jeans often fall out of favor with the “fashionistas”, and unless you’re Don Johnson, there’s no reason in hell to buy a white pair.

Consider when you’ll be wearing them.

It goes without saying that being comfortable in your jeans is the most important thing; after all, even the best-looking pair of jeans will look odd if you’re uncomfortable in them.

Nevertheless, keeping in mind when and where you’ll wear your jeans will make the process of choosing much easier.

If, for example, you only wear suits to work, your jeans might be reserved strictly for going out or for lounging around the house, which means you have few restrictions when selecting a look and style.

If your work environment allows jeans, however, denim might be everyday wear. In that case, you might have to consider more conservative styles,

as even in the most casual workplaces, subtlety goes a long way. Either way, always ensure your jeans look good with sneakers, boots or dress shoes.

The right style, the perfect fit and a few more things to look for in that ultimate pair of men’s jeans.

Women’s Western Jeans Go Mainstream

What makes women’s western jeans “women’s western jeans“? Of course there’s the fact that most of them have the unmistakable flair leg and “boot cut” – making them wearable with your favorite pair of cowgirl boots.

How To Buy best Jeans
How To Buy best Jeans

Lots of western jean manufacturers, such as Rocky Mountain Jeans also show a slim fit, straight leg jean, or “slim” jeans at they call them. Then of course there’s the ornamentation on some of them. Some western jeans can be very fancy.

They are embellished with floral designs on the leg below the knee, some have patches and embroidery on the back pockets. Still other western jeans are studded with varying designs of rhinestones and faux turquoise and some have peek-a-boo cut out designs.

Western jeans have followed the low rise trend, with some brands such as Cruel Girl jeans having what they call their “Legacy” super low rise jeans. Some have button fly closures.

Wrangler, a jean maker for almost sixty years now is still big in western wear and they are also following trends with low rise and button fly women’s western jeans.

Western jeans come in all types of denim washes, from dark blue denim to faded stonewash and everything in between. Prefer robin’s egg blue or electric pink? You’ll find them too.

Going to a special event or want a dressier jean? How about black. Some western jean manufacturers such as Lawman’s are also making jeans in stretch material – a comfortable blessing for most women.

So, it seems that western jeans come in such as array of styles, colors, designs and fabrics that you can find just about any type of jean you’re looking for.

What makes western jeans “western jeans” in my mind is the shirt, belt, shoes and other “accessories”, along with the state of mind that a women picks to go with them.

When a woman pairs her jeans with pink crocodile Ariat slip ons or Justin Caliente boots in red she’s saying “these are western jeans.”

When she chooses a decidedly country shirt, one with embroidery and a vintage yolk, she’s saying “these are western jeans.”

When she pairs those jeans with a pair of open toe wedges or a pair of tri color leather platform oxfords, a flimsy mesh tunic, a silk v neck camisole with spaghetti straps or a charmeuse wrap top she’s taking western jeans to a whole new level.

Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

For many, finding the perfect pair of jeans becomes a quest. Jeans are not all made the same, and since there are many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find a pair that fit exactly the way you want them to.

How To Buy best Jeans
How To Buy best Jeans

Popular styles include low rise, boot cut, skinny jeans, and flares. Choosing the right style usually means trying on a few before finding one that suits your body type.

In addition to denim styles, there are also a variety of colors to choose from. While light colored blue jeans are usually worn during the day, darker denim is worn at nighttime.

But many people wear dark denim during the day as well. Jeans are also available in different colors such as black, grey, and red.

When trying on jeans, you should keep in mind that sizes will vary depending on the designer. Lucky Brand jeans can be worn by many body types and are available in different shades of blue.

They are also available in different styles. For those who have small thighs, skinny jeans and low rise jeans will flatter their body.

Those who are smaller in the waist, but who don’t want to wear low rise jeans, can choose from boot cut and flares. Those who carry more weight in their thigh and middle sections should try boot cut or flare jeans for the best effect.

While the low rise jean trend can be worn by most women, finding the right shirts and accessories to go with them can be a problem.

Lucky brand also carries a line of t-shirts and other shirts that can be worn with their jeans. It is important to not wear shirts that are too short when wearing low rise jeans.

Find shirts that flatter the body and look appropriate. Trying on shirts and jeans together will give you a better idea of which shirts to buy.

Lucky jeans and apparel are available for men, women, and children. In addition to shirts and jeans fro women are dresses, sweaters, and jackets. There is also a wide variety of lucky jeans for men and children.

When shopping online, make sure you have the correct measurements for your body. While you can return items that don’t fit correctly, choosing the right size the first time will save you the hassle of having to return items.

Dungarees have been a staple of wardrobes for many years. Don’t buy jeans that fit poorly as they will only make you feel uncomfortable. Lucky has a wide variety of items to choose from.

Bluejeans have been in style for as long as I can remember

I just cannot understand the baggy jeans look. Oh sure, I’ve worn somewhat baggy jeans before, but they were comfortable. That was the whole point after all.

How To Buy best Jeans
How To Buy best Jeans

Baggy jeans, at least the way they used to be, were not ridiculously huge but just big enough to feel comfortable on you. The idea was that if you look comfortable, you feel comfortable, and people feel comfortable looking at you.

But the baggy jeans of today are just ridiculous. I have seen baggy men’s jeans so big that people wearing them have to constantly hold onto them around the belt. If they let go, the jeans will fall down around their ankles.

I have seen baggy women’s jeans that are made so large, and styled in such a way, that you cannot tell whether they are jeans or a denim skirt.

I have even seen people wearing designer jeans that are many sizes too large for them. Now what, I ask you, is the point of that?

The whole thing with designer jeans is that they are supposed to be custom tailored to fit you as well as possible. If you are just wearing them as baggy jeans, all you are doing is wasting your money.

After all, if you want jeans that don’t fit you right and hang down around your ankles, you can get any cheap pair of jeans you want as long as it is huge.

I thought baggy jeans would go the way of Hammer pants in a few years, but I guess I was wrong. They seemed like such a silly idea that I could not imagine people wearing them for a long time.

I thought the teenagers who wore baggy jeans today would soon laugh at themselves and wonder how they could’ve gotten into a style that was so ridiculous. I guess that is how it is to be that age, though. Teens will do anything to fit in.

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