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Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage

Using The Right Suitcase For Your Travels

Travel luggage is just not black hard cases anymore they are designed in many different styles,


these bags can be used for many different uses which are for business men, people traveling, and some manufactures are creating specialty designer bags. Luggage is now produced in many different countries so finding a bag will not be a problem.

When purchasing luggage find luggage that is durable and it has reinforced edges to help protect against bumping and throwing when being handled.

When packing your clothes make a list of what you need this will speed up the packing process and if you bags get lost you will have a record of what is in inside the bag.

Waiting on line to check your bags or getting your bags lost is no way to travel, bring your luggage on the plain with you and you can bypass the hassle of it all.

When choosing luggage make sure you research the weight of the bag because this will add to the weight allowance of the bag. Most have a weight limit or a quantity limit. When going on vacation it is much easier to wheel your suitcase than to carry it.

So if you are traveling it will be alot easier to wheel all of your luggage around than to lift and try to carry the heavy bags plus on wheeled luggage you can stack other bags on top.

There are many types of luggage tags available in the market. Luggage tags are now or can be as unique as you are. Luggage tags now are made of durable plastic.

When traveling make sure you remove any old tags that are on your luggage, if you don’t this might make your luggage be misrouted.

In order to possibly prevent the misrouting of your luggage be sure any old flight information tags or information is removed from your luggage.

There are so many different styles and types of luggage on the market computer cases, leather briefcases, carry-on cases, totes, garment bags, kids luggage, garment carriers, duffel bags, backpacks.

Moreover, leather luggage is heavier than others. Most quality brands of leather luggage have a definite style and elegance to them. With leather luggage, the handle is usually made of leather as well, which is very comfortable on your hands.

Using a bright tag on your luggage will help you see your bag quickly when trying to retrieve it and help from being stolen. Having a small carry on bag is convenient but not if you have to waste your supplies.

If you are going on holiday then you will need a bag that is big enough to take all of your clothes, but do not forget that you will need to make some space for the things that you buy.

The wheels will make it easier for you to stroll through the airport, bus terminal, or a railway station. Some brands of kid’s luggage have wheels that are gender based.

Using carry online luggage with wheels is a real time saver, you do not need to waste your time waiting for your luggage so get the flight crew type of luggage with extendible handles and wheels that fit in the overhead bins.

Included in kid’s luggage are backpacks with animals that ‘hug’ your child. Any parent who has ever shopped for school backpacks knows that a backpack is

more than a bag for carrying books; the color, the features, and the design of backpacks are all important to a child, teen, or college student.

Are Leather Luggages Tags Simply Flights Of Fancy?

Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage
Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage

Planning your family holiday – luggage included

The perfect luggage helps make a trip successful, be it for a quick weekend getaway to visit Grandpa, or a 10-day Caribbean cruise with the whole family.

Getting the right backpack, carry-on, or suitcase will make your trip that much better. But for many travelers, particularly families that travel for vacation, the biggest risk – and cause for frustration – is when their luggage goes on a trip of its own.

It can happen anywhere and for various reasons – Whether because of occasional airline baggage delays, or connecting flight mix-ups.

This leads to delays and even loss of your personal belongings. What’s the least an average globe-trotting tourist like you can do so that your luggage goes wherever you go?

When your luggage goes on a holiday – without you!

The best thing to do is putting luggage tags on your bags. Taking this precaution while you travel goes a long, long way.

And while almost all airlines and cruise liners today have upgraded baggage tracking technology, making sure that you’ve placed identification on your property makes all the difference.

One study cites that only .005% of all checked baggage is permanently lost, with delayed bags being returned within hours. But why should you risk if you can do something about it?

Tagging your bag

As a traveler, who else would know better about taking care of your stuff than you. Safety begins at home, and taking certain precautions will help you a lot. Follow these tips whenever you travel:

> Traveling has its inherent risks. Therefore, never pack items or valuables that are impossible to replace. Prescriptions, travel documents and cash, as well as jewelry should be kept close to you when you travel.

Luggage tags are required. It is primary form of indentification that makes your luggage immediately recognizable as your property.

To prevent your bag from being grabbed off the baggage carousel by a traveler too rushed to check if its his, place a unique luggage tag that you may recognize at once.

Leather luggage tags are a chic way to place your identification on your bags. You can easily pick out your stuff from among the hundreds of similar items on the baggage carousel,

or in overhead bins and seat pockets with a personalized luggage tag. It’s smart to take precautions on every bag, even the ones you plan to keep with you on the plane.

> If your luggage does not arrive in the baggage claim area, find the baggage agent on duty immediately. There’s a chance your luggage already arrived and is locked up in the agent’s area for safe keeping.

Sometimes luggage is loaded onto a non-stop flight even though you were on a plane that had a stopover on the way so your suitcases get there before you.

> If your luggage is not there, do not leave the airport before completing the paperwork for the baggage agent. Fill out all information about your luggage on the forms provided. Be as detailed as possible. Get a phone number to call in case you need to follow-up.

Brag about your tag.

Practical and chic, trendy and durable, luggage tags are the easiest and most visible way of identifying your luggage. They come in different kinds, colors, shapes and sizes.

By far, leather luggage tags are the most popular and reliable kind. They can come in a variety of colors, from vivid colors like pink, orange and green, to more subtle natural tones offered in the market.

This highly visible tag ensures you’ll always find your bag. Use them on luggage, gym bags, backpacks, and on your other bags.

Leather luggage tags often come with features like the covered ID window, which can also hold your business card, and snap covers that can be placed over your name and address information to insure privacy.

Another feature would be the small combination lock that usually comes with the leather luggage tag.

So, if you and your family are planning a vacation to some far-off adventure, stuffing the trunk and roughing it out just won’t do anymore.

Keep tabs on your suitcases with luggage tags. You might even want to pick out a leather luggage tag that’s outfitted with innovative application of RFID technology. It makes it easier for you and your family to travel, so you can enjoy your vacation.

The Many Styles of Luggage

Like clothing, luggage comes in many styles, sizes, and shapes. Most styles of luggage now come equipped with wheels.

Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage
Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage

There are wheeled
carry-on bags. Duffel bags also are equipped with wheels.

There are full sized garment bags with wheels. Travel bags, tote carry on bags, shoulder carry on bags, and travel totes also are available.

There are expandable cargo bags as well. Expandable bags are usually smaller than is typical and expand when you pack your belongings.

Luggage also comes in sets of the same design and color. The material and frames are generally the same. Sets can include small carry on bags, travel kits, multiple sizes of upright luggage.

Leather luggage is also available. There are leather suit bags, garment bags, duffel bags and cabin bags. There are weekender bags and the old fashioned carpet bags.

Styles also include the design of the bags. There could be designs such as flowers, cartoon characters for kids, camouflage designs, or animals. Virtually any design is possible.

Color is also a consideration as is the type of material the bags are made of. There are soft, canvas types of materials as well as soft leather, polyester materials.

There are hard materials that protect your belongings and stand up to the rough handling they can receive while being loaded or removed from planes, trains, and buses.

The hard luggage is used mostly by frequent travelers because of their durability. The style you choose will depend on your needs and possibly your frequency of travel.

Louis Vuitton Handbags: Leather Luxury

Through out the years, Louis Vuitton handbags have been etched with impeccable artistry and skill. In the tradition of quality workmanship, Louis Vuitton handbags have become the standard in luxury travel. And the innovation behind it began in Paris…

Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage
Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage

Early 1800’s, a trained luggage packer for upper class Parisian families was appointed by Napoleon III to pack for the Empress Eugenie.

With a vast knowledge in bags, he began designing luggage for rich Parisian travelers. His name was Louis Vuitton.

He was a pioneer with his early inventions of flat, air-tight and easily stackable luggage. In 1854, as luggage began to rise into a new level of design, Louis Vuitton built his own luggage design house.

Since then Louis Vuitton handbags gained much respect and adoration mainly from the upscale population. An 1867 World’s Fair bronze medal and a gold medal in 1889 earned the Louis Vuitton name recognition throughout international fashion community.

It was only in 1892 when Louis Vuitton handbags first came out. Later, the Louis Vuitton luggage company grew into a leather empire and the Louis Vuitton handbag became no less than royalty among leather.

The LV Monogram
The Louis Vuitton handbag is a status symbol, no doubt. In fact, the Louis Vuitton brand is so coveted that it is the number one brand in the industry that’s counterfeited resulting to only more than 1% genuine LV products in the market.

In 1896, two years after the death of Louis Vuitton, his son, Georges, revolutionized the industry with the “LV Monogram Canvas”. It was the first designer label branded onto to a product originally as a preventive measure.

Let the bags speak for themselves.
– In 1888, Louis Vuitton brought out the Damier Canvas pattern. Designed in collaboration with Georges, it carries the “marque L. Vuitton déposée” which is roughly translated as L. Vuitton trademark.

– Georges designed the Monogram Canvas in which the graphic symbols were inspired by a Late Victorian trend composed of oriental diagrams.

– Introduced in 1901, The Steamer Bag is a small handbag that is made to accompany the LV trunks
– The 1930 Keepall Louis Vuitton handbag, simple and classic, it became a style icon in travel along with its 1933 Speedy follow-up mini version.

Clad in the LV trademark throughout the dark leather, their sleek curve toward the top and handles maintain a simple elegance within its practical structure.

– The popular Noe bag that was originally a 5-champagne-bottle carrier phenomenally soared to an elegant handbag when women of the upper class saw its beauty.

– Marc Jacobs and Stephen Sprouse designed the limited edition graffiti monogram in 2001 made available only to their V.I.P. list.

– In 2003, Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacobs created the Monogram Multicolore canvas in 33 different colors.

– Takashi Murakami created the Cherry Blossom pattern in 2004 and the Monogram Cerises pattern in 2005 both resembling Japanese animation.

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