Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1 The Winter Pod™ Is something all babies need, to feel the comfort of home when away from home. Keep your little one warm with our soft, practical, stylish knitted and berber fleece Cozee Pod.

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1 Our Winter Pod is something every baby needs! They are designed to keep any baby warm & comfortable for any occasion, feeling protected in and outside the home.

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

Newborn Baby Winter Warm Sleeping Bags Infant Button Knit Swaddle Wrap Swaddling Stroller Wrap Toddler Blanket Sleeping Bags

Size :68*40 Cm

Weight: 380G

Material: Acrylic + Berber Fleece

Weaving: Knitted Linen Flower Color

Packaging Size: 40*32*3

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

Our Winter Pod is stylish, Practical, warm & created with Berber Fleece that provides extra coziness to your little ones.

Perfect For Prams

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

Taking Your little one out for a stroll has just gotten so much easier, our winter pod provides great support surrounding your baby in thick warm material so you don’t have to worry about harsh winds.

Children are so sensitive to weather so this ensures they are dressed perfecting for their pram to go anywhere!

Improves sleep

Winter Pod creates a feeling of being wrapped in a soft cocoon, this helps reduces stress & anxiety for babies because it feels like they are being cuddled at all times

Also creates a feeling as if they are being swaddled, This has proven for them to sleep easier and more comfortably!


Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket1

Weight: 420g Size: 68 x 40cm Inner Material: Berber Fleece Outer Material: Knitted Linen

  • 👶Crafted from high quality knitting wool, with polar fleece lined, thick, warm, soft and comfortable to keep your baby warm
  • 👶Size: 75cm*35cm/29.5inch*13.8inch, suitable for 0-12 Month baby girls or boys
  • 👶Button closure works perfectly for easy opening and closing
  • 👶Keep your little warm and cozy in this super soft swaddle blankets. It Can be used as baby swaddle Blanket, receiving blankets, sleeping bag, stroller quilt, or crib wrap, baby shower gifts etc
  • 👶Excellent gift for new parents, birthdays, baby showers, baby hampers, Christmas holidays


A Knit Baby Blanket is One of the Best Baby Gifts
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket1

Finding the perfect gift for new parents can often be a challenge. Many times new parents have either already shopped for their babies, or they have other children and have many of the things they will need already in their homes.

One perfect gift option in this case is the gift of a handmade knit baby blanket.

By presenting the new parents with a handmade blanket you can show that you took the time to make something special with their baby in mind. The blanket will be appreciated and likely treasured for years to come.

With the recent popularity resurgence in knitting and crocheting, there are limitless options available for yarns and fibers which you can quickly and easily knit into an heirloom baby blanket.

And, the best thing is that many of today’s yarns and fibers are dyed colors which lend themselves well to making a baby blanket.

With the soft pinks, light blues, and mellow yellow yarns, you can be sure to match any nursery decorations the new parents may have done. Or you can create a wonderful unisex design appropriate for any baby regardless of their gender.

A handcrafted gift is one which can be passed down through generations and appreciated by everyone.

Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1
Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

It shows the receiver that you spent a lot of time and effort to make just the right gift for them. And, because of the time you have invested in the gift, it will be one of the best received. Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

When you are going to knit a blanket for a baby, there are a few important things which you need to keep in consideration as you find your pattern and buy your supplies. A few of them are:

Pattern Selection – You should choose a knit pattern which is tightly woven if the blanket will be used by a very young baby. Often designs with any open-work allow for the baby’s fingers or toes to get caught up in the blanket and cause discomfort.

This is both a health and a safety risk.

Yarn Selection – When you are knitting an item for a baby you want to find a yarn or fiber which is both soft and machine washable. New parents are often too tired and over-extended to spend time hand washing items.

And, because babies can be very messy, it is essential that anything they come into contact with can be successfully washed.

Blanket Color – If you know the color scheme of the nursery, or even the sex of the baby, you can better match your blanket colors to them. If not, use your imagination and create a wonderful unisex blanket.

Blanket Size – When you are knitting for a baby, your first inclination might be to make a very small blanket. However, babies grow very quickly into toddlers. Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

And, babies move around a lot and require decently sized blankets to keep them covered up and warm. Your blanket will get much more use if you make it a bit larger than your first inclination to allow it to be used as baby grows. Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

No Beadwork – While beadwork is popular in today’s knitting and crocheting patterns, beads are never appropriate for a baby item. A baby can loosen them and they can become a choking hazard. Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

By keeping these simple considerations in mind, you can be well on your way to knitting a keepsake baby blanket which will be cherished for years to come. Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1

As with any baby gift, you want to insure that your blanket is safe and secure for the baby who will be using it. However, by using your imagination and creativity you can come up with the perfect and safe design for the new bundle of joy. Best Baby Winter Pod Knit Blanket 1


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