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The Evolution Of Jeans

The Evolution Of Jeans

Thought of the day: Why is it acceptable to wear the same pair of jeans for days, even weeks, without being questioned by friends?

Yet wearing the same pair of cargos three days in a row would be scowled upon and considered un-hygienic. Do we actually believe jeans are immune to dirt?

Still on the topic of jeans… remember when all we had to choose from was either a pair of Levis, Lee or Wrangler’s? And all you had in your wardrobe was a choice of black stone wash and blue stone wash?
I remember this quite vividly.

There was no such thing as ‘engineered denim’ in the early 90’s when I was a teenager. Yet in the pursuit of being cool, I had to conjure up my own version of ‘engineering’.

I got my worn in look by way of scraping my ass up and down the cement footpath out the front of my house (I lived on a main road by the way).

Later my mother told me that it would have been a hell of a lot easier to take off the said pair of jeans and rub them against a rough stone. Thanks for the advice mum, but too late. If only my nickname ‘ass scraper’ wore out as fast as my jeans did…

Then something revolutionary happened in the mid nineties (that saved my ass, so to speak). Levis decided that we didn’t have to wait years and years to wear in our favourite pair of jeans, ‘cause America’s convicted criminals could do all the hard work for us!

Yep, all those second hand Levis being sold in boutiques actually came from America’s prisons. Imagine the satisfaction for the prisoner, knowing that some good came out of their existence?

As long as they served their full sentence, of course (jeans just didn’t achieve an optimum level of worn in-ness if prisoners got out early on parole).

So my pre-worn Levis alla ‘break and enterer’ became the ‘hottest’ thing in my wardrobe (just kidding, I paid for them). Really, how could I have been so narrow minded as to think crime didn’t pay?

Moving into the new millennium, jean manufactures suddenly realised that it was wrong to allow such an obvious exploitation of America’s prisoners. Especially when the Chinese could do it for a whole lot less, and quicker too! Engineered denim was born.

All of sudden, we didn’t have to wait years for our jeans to hit the perfect level of worn in-ness, because we could buy a brand new pair of ‘pseudo old’ that looked like, well, a bad pair of new jeans.

Like anything in its infancy, there is always something NQR (Not Quite Right) about it. Kinda like when CGI special effects first started to appear in film.

Much to the rile of everyone around me, I just couldn’t help the comment “Aw that looks so fake!” every time a dinosaur ripped apart a person, or when a ship collided with an iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic.

It was just a natural reaction to something that looked completely unnatural when trying to appear natural (also my natural reaction when I see a man with hair plugs, or a woman with a bad boob job. But that’s another blog entry all together).

And while I didn’t go around pointing at people wearing badly engineered jeans on the street (only because I too was a serious offender),

I did wonder when the edges of pockets were going to be grinded evenly, rather then looking like they had been attacked by cat claws.

Today however, while we are finally perfecting pocket grinding, crotch whisker marks, and thigh and ass sand blasting, isn’t this all merely an improvement on the fake worn-in look?

I mean, I have a pair of jeans that I bought almost four years ago in dark indigo denim with only a basic enzyme wash. Over the years of wearing, there has not been even the slightest beginnings of fraying along any pocket;

the whisker mark around the crotch goes straight across the thigh, (not splayed out in all kinds of unsightly directions drawing attention to my bathing suit area);

and my ass does not look likes it’s been dragged over coloured sand! Perhaps we have forgotten what a real pair of worn in jeans looks like?

In saying this, I’m certainly not against engineered denim. It’s interesting and it’s getting better. And while the ‘new pseudo old’ look has now become my daily bread,

the ‘engineered’ price tag that comes with the jeans is nauseating. ‘Authentic’ looking old jeans will set you back around $350 (AUD) these days. Common!

For me to even want to pay that kind of money, I’m hoping some Chinese worker is scraping their ass up and down the factory room floor for me.

We are all looking for that perfect fitting pair of jeans that are as attractive as they are comfortable

The low rider jeans are not for everyone and if you pair them with a short wasted shirt, you may regret the decision.

The Evolution Of Jeans
The Evolution Of Jeans

These pants are best worn with a blouse or a long waist turtleneck. You can accentuate your curves while still keeping covered. Adding a nice jacket or blazer will complete the look.

Many people give this style a bad rap because of the notorious problem of them sliding down too low. When you try on your low rider jeans you really want to test them for flexibility and movement.

Try squatting, bending and sitting while you are in the dressing room. If the low rise jeans are restrictive or if they slide down too low you need to look for another size or another style.

There are plenty of styles to choose in this relatively new classic. I have three pairs of low rider jeans and each was tested in the dressing room before purchase.

It took a lot of shopping to find ones that really fit appropriately and now that I have found my brand I am starting a comfy collection of low rider jeans.

The style has been pretty popular for over a decade now and I don’t think that it is a passing fad. Unfortunately, many people don’t really test their jeans before purchasing which is why so many criticize the look.

However, if you find the right fit you are sure to be happy with your purchase.

If you spend an adequate amount of time exercising and maintaining a healthy diet you have earned the right to wear low rider jeans.

Even if you are a little lanky or a little thick you can still pull this look off with ease. You just have to search for the right fit. The rest will fall into place.

Adding the right accessories will help you look fantastic in your low rider jeans and this style can be worn at almost any age if the right accompaniments are used.

A woman in her 30’s wants to wear her low rider jeans with classic accessories while a younger girl can really embrace the trends. It all depends on the individual.

Plus Size Jeans – Fashionable Attires

I never really see that many pairs of plus size jeans out there when I am shopping. However I see women wearing plus size jeans.

The Evolution Of Jeans
The Evolution Of Jeans

I have to say this has always confused me and made me wonder where these people shop. I mean I see the small plus size sections in the department stores but they aren’t

exactly over run with plus size jeans; to be honest al lot of the stuff I see in those sections is spandex, as stereotypical as that sounds. Actually I believe most of the plus size jeans I have seen are spandex.

The plus size jeans I seen on women around the city are for the most part fairly trendy, which is more than I can say for a lot of the plus size clothing I see floating around out there and this aroused my curiosity even more.

Do to this curiosity about the location of these plus size jean sources, I looked for some on the internet and it appears there are actually a lot of resources there.

However I have always been a little skeptical abut ordering jeans and clothing over the internet. It makes me nervous to order something without knowing what it is going to look like when it is on.

I know you can return most of these items but with the mail, and the shipping, and the refunds, it just seems like more of a hassle than it is worth. However maybe this is a huge resource I have been missing out on.

Maybe a lot of this shopping that has been going on in the plus size jean market is happening online; I sure don’t see the stores in the mall.

However I will admit it is not something I have looked into extensively but have only noticed in passing, there is a good possibility I am failing to notice the true source of the industry.

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