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The History of Luggage

The History of Luggage

Ever since man has moved from place to place and took his belongings with him some sort of luggage was used.

It was used to keep all belongings together and even organized.

Like everything luggage has evolved.

Christopher Columbus likely had a trunk filled with clothing and necessary navigational tools such as maps. Trunks were often made of fine woods like oak, pine, or cedar.

Others are made of a combination of materials including cloth and leather. Trunks were often ornately decorated with nails and brass clasps with locks. Families have passed them down through generations and have become family heirlooms.

Luggage was and is made of a variety of materials. The hides of animals such as deer, horse, and even cow were used and were very popular.

Come to think of it, Leather is still a popular material used in the making of
luggage. They were meant to last a long time.

Since trunks were often large and cumbersome smaller bags were made such as the carpet bags. We now have suitcases, tote bags, and backpacks.

We have luggage with wheels, luggage that expands, luggage that is soft and able to be put in tight spaces, and hard luggage that protects your belongings and will survive the very rough handling of baggage handlers.

Luggage now comes with wheels. Telescoping handles and leather pull straps are used. They come with places for bottles of water, CD players, and lunch pouches. They are laptop computer compatible and are more durable than ever before.

Travel Leather Bag Shopping

Travel bags are the most chic, stylish and expensive when they are made from leather. There are several brand names that sell original, well styled and well made leather goods that are famous around the world for their quality.

Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage
The History of Luggage

These well known brand names are like the Leather Specialty, Millennium Leather which manufacture the best quality of leather travel bags that are well known and well liked.

People who like style and elegance and can also afford one like to buy items that are made out of leather. There is different variety in leather which is all attractive in the type you like it.

The leather ranges from buffalo leather made from buffalo skin, camel skin, snake skin, etc. Snake skin products are supposed to be the costliest since there is shortage of the raw materials.

Buffalo skin travel bags are affordable than any other since this leather is commonly used when it comes to using leather.

Camel skin leather is also liked by many for its beige color and rugged looks, which allow unique style for the consumers. Many camel skin products are matched with brass handles and locks to add to the charm all ready existing with the camel skin.

Snake skin products are classified as exotic products. These are costly as well as happen to be high society products.

Highly costly, these products can be combined with several other costly items to appear decorative and give the owner a unique piece to own.

The leather brand names have been in the business of producing branded luggage for generations therefore they have certain goodwill that comes only to the people who have carried on business by maintaining quality with their products.

Leather products require to be taken good care of. While storing, these require to be stored in dry placed preferably covering it with good plastic or a soft

cloth which will avoid its coming into contact with the daily changes in weather as well as wear and tear that is caused by the dust particles settling on these luggage items.

You can surely go forward to buy leather products because these are unique products to own and cannot be compared with ballistic nylon in elegance. The shine and charm that these products provide.

So enjoy the pleasure of shopping for leather travel bag shopping and owning the best luggage. Shopping leather bags will prove to be challenging since there is a lot of variety available in the market.The History of Luggage

Know More About Designer Luggage

The following article is about designer luggage, which many people still do not familiar with all the aspects of them. The advice suggests below may be suitable for you who are looking for kind of all-in-one luggage that can serve any purposes.

Many Advantages Of Using Leather Luggage
The History of Luggage

Most of this information comes straight from experience of designer luggage experts. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know.

The terms designer luggage ma be new as someone may have never heard about it. Designer luggage is simply luggage that we use in every day life, particularly for travel purpose.

The only thing that make designer luggage slightly different from ordinary type of luggage is designer luggage is a kind of very stylish design and fancy colour and you can differentiate between them when you shop around in a department stores.

The reason why there should be designer luggage is because sometimes, travelers found that they could not find proper size and design that fit to their travel style.

So they probably look for designer luggage that suit to every style of travel so you can make sure that you have kind of all-in-one luggage.

As mentioned above that designer luggage is pretty much the same as ordinary travel luggage but different in designs. So there are millions of colour and designs as well as materials that they are made from.

Also you may be able to use the knowledge what you have learnt about how to choose ordinary travel luggage when you choose designer luggage.

The most common type of materials that popular for designer luggage is leather, canvas, nylon, which they are light and durable.

As because the price of designer luggage may be a bit higher than ordinary travel luggage because they generally sturdier and more stylish and there are many brands available in the market.

However, it is strongly suggest that you should not rely on only one or two brands when you are choosing, but you have to compare price and quality between many brands to make sure that you will get only the one that worth for you time and money.

It is quite true that price is a good indicator to tell the quality of luggage but do not look at only the price but consider base on functions and designs as well.

There is one aspect that commonly found among travellers who buy a large set of luggage, which consist of many of luggage in a set but they actually use only one or two of them and leave the rest in a cupboard.

This behaviour is quite a kind of wasting your money. The suggestion is do not buy a set of luggage that you think you may not be able to use them all. Instead, you have alternative to buy additional designer luggage only when you want.

For example, if you want a small bag for your shoes, then you only buy a shoes bag. Also, if you want something to contain your clothes you may buy a garment bag.

This is more practical than buy a set of luggage that generally has few standard size luggages and could not serve all purposes.

Those who only know one or two facts about designer luggage can be confused by misleading information hut not what I have described above. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning.

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