best Tips For Picking Out Bowling Shoes

Tips For Picking Out Bowling Shoes

Beyond the ball, the most important piece of personal equipment a bowler can buy is a good pair of shoes.

Picking out just the right bowling shoes, however, can take a little time and consideration.

The payoff will be a great pair of shoes that help you avoid the rental stand while rolling a good game.

The first place to start when picking out a pair of bowling shoes is with the price. Setting a budget is not a bad idea. Shoes can range from quite affordable to very pricey depending on what specifications you have in mind.

The next consideration is in the style of bowling you actually intend to do. Serious players very likely will want a pair of bowling shoes that matches their throw style.

For example, left handed bowlers can buy special shoes that help them set up for the throw just a bit better.

This is a small edge, but one many serious bowlers take very to heart. For those who want bowling shoes, but don’t have a big budget, ambidextrous shoes might be in order.

When picking out the right shoes and even setting the budget, it’s not a bad idea to consider how much play time you actually plan to put in.

The more the shoes will get used, the more likely it is you will be better off going with a more expensive, durable pair. Buying a really expensive pair of shoes for an annual trip, however, probably isn’t the best use of extra money.

The last thing to consider (beyond size) is standard play habits. For example, do you happen to play more often at a particular lane where you know the conditions?

If so, buy a pair of shoes to fit those conditions. If you tend to move around a lot, shoes that offer changeable soles for different lane conditions could be a good idea.

There are some great reasons for those who bowl more than just once in a while to consider getting their own bowling shoes. They include:

* Cost savings. If you’re a weekly bowler, a pair of shoes might end up costing less than rentals over the course of a few months.

* Sanitation. For some people, it just doesn’t matter how much disinfectant goes into rental shoes, the idea of wearing shoes someone else did just turns their stomach. A good buy in bowling shoes is ideal for these folks.

* Comfort. When a pair of shoes fits and fits right, it can really make a difference in comfort on the lanes.

* Performance. There’s just something about having the right shoes on that tends to make game play improve, at least a little. While a good pair of shoes won’t take a player’s score and increase it by 100 every time, it can provide a little edge that can actually make a big difference.

Anyone who bowls more than once every blue moon would likely benefit from a good pair of personal bowling shoes. Providing comfort, the right fit and perhaps even some cost savings over the long run, this is a small investment in the game that can make a big difference.

It’s All about Those Styling Bowling Shoes

If there is one thing about bowling that helps to sometimes give the game a bad rap, it’s the shoes.

Bowling shoes are the epitome of awful to people for a few different reasons. First of all, many people are not overly keen on the style of the rental shoes available in most bowling alleys.

Clunky, scruffy, and multi-colored, they are not most people’s idea of high fashion – though it must be said that SOMEONE likes them; rental bowling shoes are stolen all the time.

The other reason people give bowling shoes a big thumbs down is that they are indeed rental shoes.

You’re never quite sure whose foot has been in them before yours, and most of the time, you really don’t want to know.

So, if bowling shoes are such a dreaded part of the game, why don’t bowlers simply do away with them? Are the shoes really that important?

In a word, yes. Bowling shoes are a hugely important part of the game. First of all, the shoes help preserve the bowling lanes and keep them in working order.

The soles on the shoes do not scuff up the lanes the way normal shoes would; if normal shoes were allowed, the lanes would eventually have grooves and digs in them that would disrupt the way the balls roll.

Bowling shoes also help you as a player. Their sliding soles let you slide and move on the lanes like you need to without falling down.

It’s All about Those Styling Bowling Shoes
Tips For Picking Out Bowling Shoes

Without these sliding soles, your shoes would catch on the floor, and either mess up or shot or pitch you right over on your face.

For a casual bowler, rental shoes are entirely adequate, if a little unsettling to some. If you are a serious bowler, however, given the importance of the proper footwear to the game, you should consider investing in your own pair of bowling shoes.

There are many styles and types on the market, and they are becoming more widely available in traditional sport shops. The kind you get depends on a combination of your skill factor and your personal preference.

If you are a new bowler, look for so-called athletic bowling shoes. These bowling shoes look more like traditional athletic shoes than other bowling shoes, but they have two sliding soles like the shoes you normally rent from a bowling alley.

If you are a more experienced bowler, go for the shoes the professionals wear. Pro bowlers go for shoes know as performance bowling shoes. This variety of shoe has one sliding sole and one non-slip sole, to give players more maneuverability.

Even if you don’t get your own pair of shoes, going rental doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience.

Bowling alleys give the shoes an antibacterial spray between each use, and to be on the safe side; giving them a spray of your own before you put them on is not such a bad idea.

Above all else, remember to bring your athletic socks to the alley! If you forget your socks, most alleys have socks available to purchase.

Don’t go barefoot – for your own sake, and for the sake of the person who has to wear them after you.

Comfortable Bowling Shoes Can Make Your Game

There are really only two needed items to play the game of bowling. The first is the ball and the second is the bowling shoes.


You don’t need to own either of these as it is standard practice to rent them at the bowling alley. However it won’t take you long to realize that most serious bowlers have their own ball and bowling shoes.

The reason for that is fairly simple when it comes to the bowling shoes. And if you have ever used rented bowling shoes, you probably can well understand why. If the bowling shoes do not fit properly then it is distracting.

If you have your own pair of bowling shoes then they become an extension of your feet, they fit properly and feel good and you get used to their little quirks and the way they glide on the lane.

If you are new to bowling you may not even realize that special shoes are mandatory. They are because of the gliding motion one makes when approaching the lane and releasing the ball. Regular tennis shoes cannot give that glide.

In fact, when it comes to bowling shoes, each shoe is designed differently as they function independent of each other.

One shoe is glossy smooth so it gives the bowler a flawless glide. The other shoe has a stickier sole so it acts as a brake to stop the glide.

This is why bowling shoes not only come in various sizes but also come in a designation of left and right. A right handed bowler will want the brake shoe on the opposite foot than a left handed bowler would wear it.

If you have to rent your bowling shoes at the alley, chances are you will not get to select left or right handed bowling shoes.

This is another major reason that anyone who loves to bowl on a regular basis will purchase their own shoes.

Bowling is one of the most popular games in the world and it is a game of utmost precision. Your bowling shoes must be lightweight and fit properly so that you can tell right away if your stance is off.

If your foot happens to be positioned improperly, it can ruin the chance for a strike.

Bowling shoes today are much more fashionable than in times past. They look more like sneakers. Of course you can still buy the more traditional appearing shoe.

In fact, bowling shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors as it isn’t the outward appearance of the shoe, but rather the sole which plays an important part in the game of bowling.

Bowling shoes must be cared for properly and never worn outside of the bowling alley and certainly never worn on the street.

You can buy bowling shoes at a major sporting good store or through your local bowling center. You can actually shop online for bowling shoes too.

That way you can get an idea of what is available and the price range. But it is always best to try them on before you buy. You can’t really tell how well they are going to feel and fit until they are on your feet.

And since bowling shoes are vitally important to your ability to be able to bowl with precision, you want to take the effort to get the best shoes possible.

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