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What’s In Your best Shampoo

What’s In Your best Shampoo

Health Risks in Using Your Shampoo

Anyone who bathes and wants their hair cleaned uses shampoo. Some shampoos promise your long flowing hair while others make sure that your hair is glowing.

These are wonderful sales talk and most people are vain enough to be drawn into it. However, only a few people know that these shampoos have ingredients that are risking their very health every time they use it.

Most people do not look at the back of one’s shampoo where all different kinds of ingredients are listed.

There is various research that has shown that your everyday shampoo have various chemicals in them that could cause serious risks in your health, such as memory loss, eye irritation, skin irritation, hair loss and even cancer.

Here are the most common ingredients of a shampoo that can give you health risks and what those health risks are:

1. Fragrances used in shampoo contain a number of chemicals and most of them cause headaches and rashes. Some can even induce coughing and vomiting to a person.

2. Propylene glycol causes allergies. This ingredient can also be found in your everyday toothpaste.

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate can cause asthma attacks. This ingredient also damages a person’s hair follicles which can lead to hair loss for some. They are also known for irritating a person’s eyes.

4. Diethanolamine can cause liver and kidney cancer. This ingredient can also be toxic to one’s brain.

Maybe you are wondering how these shampoos still stay in the market even if it has been proven to cause these kinds of health risks.

The regulatory authorities on these kinds of things does not investigate these claims and spends most of their time researching prescription drugs . Meanwhile, shampoos, which can readily be bought in a supermarket is forgotten and ignored.

To take it one more step further, shampoo manufacturers are, in a way, allowed to use different kinds of chemicals for their products.

There are no regulations barring them to use popular chemicals which can cause cancer when exposed regularly to a person’s body.

Researchers of National Institute of Health have directly found a relation between shampoos and damage in the nervous system.

These researchers are concerned of possible health risks (especially nervous system disorders) due to continued use of certain shampoos .

This effect is due to the chemicals preventing neurons from communicating with each other, resulting in the slowing of these networks of neurons. These slowing of neurons will cause problems and prevent normal brain functions.

Another research done by scientist about these chemicals found out that there are synthetic chemicals that disrupt hormones. These chemicals, since they are used daily, never go away cause your endocrine glands to stop functioning.

The endocrine glands regulate every body function. The thyroid, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries and testes are all part of this system and all of them are linked to the brain’s hypothalamus.

The chemicals found in shampoos are acting as endocrine disruptors and causes your body to send false signals to these glands.

These false signals will cause serious problems such as memory loss, cold, flu, hair loss, low blood pressure, malnutrition, heart disease, cancer and can even cause infertility.

These are just a few and do not even take into consideration other diseases they could get due to lowered body resistance.

These malfunctions of the body organs can be deadly and costly for consumers. Without knowing about it, they are the ones that put themselves in this predicament.

Most people do not know about these chemicals they just keep using on their head that can cause them more harm than good.

The best way to protect one’s self against these chemicals is to read all the ingredient found in their shampoos and study about them. Study the side effects these chemicals could cause your body.

Chemicals in Shampoo May Pose Health Risks

Have you ever read the label on your shampoo bottle? You’ll be shocked to learn that the ingredients found in many shampoos may pose a threat to your health.

What's In Your best Shampoo
What’s In Your best Shampoo

Research has shown that various chemicals lurking inside shampoo may induce serious health risks, like memory loss, eye and skin irritation, hair follicle damage that can lead to hair loss, and even cancer.

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies personal care products, it does not regulate them. Therefore, there are no legal guidelines or boundaries for shampoo manufacturers to follow.

The descriptive “all-natural” has become a buzzword in the beauty world for environmental friendliness. What some shampoo makers leave out, however, is they still use the lathering agents, emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances that contain hundreds of harmful chemicals.

According to a company called Blinc Inc., it is very likely that the list of ingredients in a bottle of shampoo will contain some of the following additives:

* Propylene glycol, known as the main ingredient in antifreeze, is also found in makeup, toothpaste and in your shampoo. It can cause allergic reactions.

* Sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are common causes of eye irritation. They can also damage hair follicles. When absorbed into the body from continuous contact, they can bring on asthma attacks.

* Synthetic fragrances contain hundreds of chemicals, some of which have been known to cause headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, coughing and vomiting.

*The National Toxicology Program found that applying diethanolamine to a mouse’s skin induced liver and kidney cancer. DEA is readily absorbed through the skin and can also be toxic to the brain.

But before you decide to never wash your hair again, Blinc Inc. is simplifying consumer education by consolidating official government research on questionable ingredients found in many shampoos, conditioners and body washes.

The company’s philosophy of “Why take a chance?” means there are no controversial ingredients in its haircare products. They are 99.8 percent vegetable derived and as close to natural as possible while effectively cleansing without causing irritation to eyes or skin or damaging hair.

Cleanse and Stimulate your scalp with the right Shampoo!

Shampoo contributes to good hair care. In our quest for the perfect makeup, the vital importance of good hair care is mostly ignored.

What Too Much Color Can Do To Your Hair
What’s In Your best Shampoo

Your hair is usually the first thing people notice about you and gives you away in many ways. Is it dull, dry and damaged, or is it shiny, vibrant and healthy?

Well-groomed hair contributes to that perfect look and the confidence in your personality. There are so many shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products available today. One needs to find out which one is best for ones hair.

Don’t take shampoos for granted.
Don’t take shampoos for granted. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell a good shampoo from a bad one, especially when cost, fragrance and foaming are the main purchasing criteria.

In fact, good foaming virtually means too much shampoo was used, or rather, wasted. Ideally, the head should have just enough lather to help your fingers massage the shampoo into the scalp and lubricate the hair.

This allows sebum and other oils to destroy foam quickly. Today, different shampoos are available for dry hair, permed hair, color treated hair, limp hair, and of course, normal hair.

Then there are shampoos which are not typically found in store bought products. For these contain quality ingredients that contribute to the cost of the product.

For example, salon shampoo classically contains higher quality protein based conditioners or moisturizing conditioners, thus enabling the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and lock in moisture.

Citre Shine Shampoo And Conditioner

Why Citre Shine is not a very well-known brand, I do not know. What I know is that it is a very good line of hair care products.

What's In Your best Shampoo
What’s In Your best Shampoo

My personal favorites are the (separate) Shampoo and Hair Conditioner. These two come in different variants for specific hair types and results. Since my hair is quite dry and wavy, I prefer to use the anti-frizz variant.

When you first use the shampoo, you will at once notice the clean smell. It is not too fruity and sweet and neither is it a soapy clean smell.

In fact it just smells fresh. Unlike with other shampoos, Citre Shine’s smell lasts throughout the day even if you get exposed to the sun and pollution. The conditioner enhances this smell even more.

Even as you use the conditioner, you can feel the smoothness of your hair. When you are done washing your hair, you can either air dry or blow dry it.

Either way, you hair will be pleasantly surprised at how neat it looks like. The more amazing thing is the shine. The first time I used both products, I couldn’t believe how shiny my hair had become!

To get the best out of the shampoo and conditioner, I suggest that you take your time in the shower. Let the products soak in for a few minutes.

Do this especially for the conditioner. Use a small amount and then leave it on for a while. Then make sure that you rinse them both off very well.

In order to experience what these great products can give you, you have to be willing to shell out a bit more than you usually would on your normal shampoo and conditioner.

They usually offer discounts and additional free contents with the bigger bottles. You don’t have to use a large amount of both the shampoo and conditioner to get your desired results.

In fact, I do not use the shampoo everyday. There are days when I just use the conditioner as my hair is still shiny and not all tangled up.

Do not let the price turn you off. Think about it. With Citre Shine, you do not need to use as much of the shampoo and conditioner as you would with the more affordable brands.

As Citre Shine is not very popular (yet), there might be a problem finding the products. If I were you, I’d snatch a couple of bottles up if I chanced upon them.

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