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Why Should You Buy Fake Jewelry?

Why Should You Buy Fake Jewelry?

As you know, cubic zirconia is often used to replace a diamond because of the similarities to a diamond.

Although cubic zirconia is a beautiful stone in its own right, cubic zirconia has been connected with the its use as an imitation for rubies, emerald, sapphires and diamonds just to name a few.

Consequently is it thought of only as a fake and not of a beautiful stone. An average size diamond can cost thousands of dollars or more. All for a sparkling rock to be worn on the finger, around the neck or on the wrist.

Diamonds may be a girl best friend, but it is most definitely someone’s bank account worst nightmare.

Without a marriage proposal I bet the fake’s just became the girl’s newest best friend especially if she is paying for them herself.

You can have the same elegant and elaborate jewelry you see on the stars on the red carpet or in the movies without paying an arm and both of your legs for them.

Many jewelry manufacturers are making the similar creations only using a cubic zirconia in the place of all the stones in the jewelry piece.

Honestly if you think about it wearing jewelry costing that much you will need to hire bodyguards just like those ladies have.

You don’t have to do without stunning jewelry in your collection just make them cubic zirconia instead of diamonds or other priceless gems.

They won’t look any different, so you may still have those thieves trying to snatch them off your neck, but they won’t get anything you can’t replace.

The people who can afford the million dollar diamond necklaces probably don’t really wear them in public at all.

They could easily wear cubic zirconia jewelry instead to ensure the safety of the jewelry, which lives most of the time in a safety deposit box at the bank or in some vault somewhere.

Can you imagine owning that kind of jewelry and not even having the opportunity to wear it? It seems like such a waste to spend all that money on something to stay in hiding all of its days.

I want jewelry I can wear. I want jewelry that looks good without looking gaudy. I want it to compliment the outfit I wear and I want to be able to afford it.

There are so many necessities we need money for so to me buying expensive jewelry is such as waste of money. Jewelry is a luxury we should be able to afford.

With cubic zirconia we can choose a larger stone, or something covered with stones. We can have the multiple stones a cubic zirconia with synthetic rubies, or synthetic sapphires with a cubic zirconia.

We can even get the matching set with necklace, earrings and ring. Cubic zirconia gives us options we would not be able to afford otherwise.

I wish people would see the beauty of the cubic zirconia and forget for one moment it is a fake diamond. I think they would learn to appreciate the stone a lot more, and manufacturers would not place them in anything, but quality settings.

It’s Madonna vs. Bullock in Jewelry Styles

When it comes to bling, it seems it’s Madonna vs. Sandra Bullock.

pexels татьяна чернышова🍒 3715989

More than any other celebs out there, they personify what experts say are two of the major trends in jewelry today:

the Glam Goddess Look (Madonna), notable for the truly spectacular Platinum necklaces and bracelets worn to accentuate the most elegant evening gowns; and the Denim Chic Look (Bullock),

a more laid-back style-think funky Platinum jewelry with skinny jeans-that’s a whole lot easier for women not making $12 million a movie to replicate.

“Jewelry is a vital part of any ensemble,” said jewelry and style expert Michael O’Connor. “Celebs love Platinum jewelry because its natural white luster enhances the brilliance of diamonds.”

Madonna and Bullock aren’t the only celebs that add luster with Platinum. “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria might wear a

simple black cocktail dress but add a pair of statement Platinum and diamond earrings by Peter Norman & Co. or a necklace by Fred Leighton.

A-listers who prefer jeans know to layer on the bling with stiletto drop earrings, multiple necklaces and cuff bracelets by Kwiat.

Platinum, known for being rare, hypoallergenic and lasting forever, provides more bang for the buck because its white luster doesn’t compete with colors and fabric textures.

A simple set of Platinum hoops by Suna Bros. Inc. or cufflinks by Daniel K are good starters for non-celebs.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is Making a Splash in Fashion

We love color. We don’t like the drab of only black and white. We want the brilliant blues, the deep reds, the bright yellows and the vibrant amber.

pexels uzunov rostislav 5011647
Why Buy Diamonds

Cubic zirconia jewelry is giving us color. Cubic zirconia is a very close look alike to diamonds, but did you know they can be made in colors also.

Instead of paying the price of a real sapphire, you can have a cubic zirconia colored like a sapphire, a garnet, amethyst, or a citrine. As always the price is still affordable.

Fashion jewelry offers the trendy new styles in whatever bold colors are “in” that season. This is perfect to help you spice up your wardrobe with color.

Every one wears black and white, but we always add some color to the outfit. Color is a very important part of a wardrobe.

Of course not all jewelry has to have color to be fashion jewelry. The white cubic zirconia in a setting of sterling silver is very fashionable. Most people prefer to get a lot and to pay less. With cubic zirconia jewelry made with sterling silver, you get the best of both worlds.

With the cubic zirconia looking like diamonds or any other gemstone and the sterling silver has the look of platinum, and both of them at a cheaper price than the real things, you are really getting your dollar’s worth.

You get the classic elegant look of the silver and cubic zirconia combined which will rival any diamond with silver piece of jewelry.

So what colors are “big” this summer? Every color that comes out of your garden, the color of the summer sky which will include all the pinks, and yellows, and blues, and greens, and reds blooming in your garden now.

In celebration of summer you can add an ankle bracelet to your jewelry wardrobe. Summer is the best time of year to wear an ankle bracelet.

During the winter our ankles tend to stay covered. So while they are out for the summer, adorn them. Give your summer attire the finished look it needs.

So let’s get started. Add some color to your jewelry wardrobe. Bring home a vibrant blue earring and necklace set made with blue colored cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

Maybe you would rather have a beautiful deep red ruby ring. How about a charm bracelet? Maybe you need a brooch to attach your favorite wrap.

What ever your wardrobe has in the way of color can be mirrored in your jewelry. Choose some spectacular pieces, and because they are so affordable you can buy more than just one. You can get the necklace and add the matching earrings and bracelet.

You can get the matching ring and necklace and throw in an ankle bracelet too. Even the white cubic zirconia, especially if you get it with a precious metal will look very elegant for your evenings out.

What ever you choose to add to your jewelry collection will be great if you make it cubic zirconia. It is one way you can’t go wrong.

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